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Abundance Acupuncture has been able to help many, many patients reduce and eliminate their use of  medications.  By reducing pain and the root causes of pain many people have been able to stop taking any pain medications.  We have also helped patients get off of medications for high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, hypothyroidism, arthritis, allergies, and other diseases by improving our patient's physical function and balance to the point where these medications were no longer needed. 

We have found that many medications can be safely and permanently eliminated if proper treatment and care is taken. If patients are taking medications prescribed by their doctor we recommend that they discuss any plans for discontinuing these medications with their doctor before making any changes.


David Milbradt and Shari Friedrichs gradually helped eliminate the medications which increased my symptoms and health problems.  I was never pressured to stop taking any of the meds I was on. When I decided to go off some of the drugs, acupuncture helped make the transition possible so that my body could heal without them.  I am very pleased with the outcome – having better health without drugs.  - Sue H.

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Depression, Acid Reflux, & Weight Loss

My name is Margot Z.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in January 2008 because I was suffering from depression and pain in my low back and hip. The depression had been going on for 23 years and made me feel miserable.  My energy was low, I was easily overwhelmed, had difficulty sleeping, was irritable, and I felt hopeless.  Depression made it difficult for me to socialize, exercise or be active, and I missed days from work because I felt so fatigued.  Everything was more difficult. The low back pain had bothered me for 10 years and at times it reduced my mobility so severely that I was unable to go anywhere or do anything.

I tried medications such as tricyclic antidepressants, MAO inhibitor antidepressants, and SSRI antidepressants which caused me to gain a lot of weight.  The antidepressants also made it difficult to focus my mind and caused problems with my memory.  I got some temporary relief from the hip and back pain with chiropractic and physical therapy, but the pain came back again.   

I began to feel some improvements in my condition after two or three treatments at Abundance Acupuncture. In February, after a month of treatments, I felt good enough to start reducing my antidepressant medications. At this point in time my condition feels 80% better. I have stopped taking all of my antidepressants and I now feel good again.  I get up and get going everyday and have been able to start living my life again.  I feel more comfortable around other people and I am not missing work anymore.  I am even able to work 60 hour weeks again.

I have also had significant improvement in other symptoms like my acid reflux and irregular bowel movements.  I have not had any migraines since I started treatments and have even lost 30 pounds!  I stopped taking birth control pills (to control my migraines), stopped needing to take allergy medicine, and have not taken any Tylenol for pain. 



It's three years later and Margo has changed so much that we asked if we could take another picture.  Since she has felt well enough to exercise she has been working out on a regular schedule. Go Margo!


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Overcoming Anxiety & Depression without Medications

My name is Penny O.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in December of 2014 because I was suffering from depression, anxiety and toxic build-up from years of abuse and stress.  Over the last 25 plus years my depression took me to some pretty dark places in my mind.  Even though I was on an anti-depressant and was seeing a therapist, things weren’t as good as I wanted them to be.  It was still difficult for me to think clearly or concentrate and it took a huge amount of effort to do anything.  I felt helpless, fatigued, and sometimes hopeless, but I never gave up. 

I tried antidepressants like Citalopram (Celexa) and chiropractic to resolve this problem.  The chiropractic care helped with aches and pains and I still go for adjustments. The Citalopram masked my feelings of anxiety and depression.

I felt a significant reduction in my aches and pains after six treatments at Abundance Acupuncture.  After twenty eight treatments I felt good enough to start reducing my antidepressant medication.  At this point in time my condition feels 99% better.  I have completely stopped taking my antidepressants.  I feel capable of normal function and I am able to sort through my anxiety and depression without letting them take over my life.

I have also had significant improvement in other symptoms like my stress related tummy pain which got better with the Chinese herbs and magnesium supplement provided by Abundance Acupuncture.   

I felt apprehensive about getting acupuncture treatments at first, but soon my treatments became a welcome relief and a time of renewal and relaxation.  The clinic is welcoming and the staff is friendly and helpful.

I would recommend acupuncture to anyone with unresolved issues because it has helped me overcome depression when nothing else did.  I have also been listening to the meditation download they recommended.  That seemed to be the icing on the cake of my recovery.

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35 Years of Headaches

My name is Lois S.  I went to an acupressure workshop given by Abundance Acupuncture on August 21st, 2007 because I was suffering from headaches several times per week,  I have had this problem for 35 years. The headaches would wake me up at night and also interfere with my work day. They interrupted my sleep and caused me to feel fatigued and irritable.   

I tried medications such as Aleve and Excedrin Migraine and chiropractic.  The medications that I took caused stomach ulcers and bleeding ulcers that resulted in my being hospitalized this year.

I began to feel significant improvements in my condition after a demonstration treatment at the workshop and since then I have been able to manage the headaches myself using the techniques I learned at the acupressure workshop.  At this point in time my condition feels 85% better.  It has been over 15 years since I have had so few headaches! I now feel I have control of the headaches and not the other way around.  I am able to stop the headaches without medication and enjoy any activity.

I am looking forward to beginning my acupuncture treatments for other pain management!

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Relief from Depression and  Medications

Before I heard David speak on the topic of  Pain and Depression on Women's Day April 17, 2007, 1 believed I would live the rest of my life taking three different anti-depressant prescription drugs. I was also taking countless over the counter drugs for headaches, migraines, menstrual cramps, constipation, backaches, you name it. I carried a small pharmacy around in my purse.

Hearing David's presentation not only opened my eyes to what I was doing to myself, but it opened my mind to a whole new way of thinking. Acupuncture is a medical philosophy that I could believe in and embrace wholeheartedly. It just seemed to make so much sense to me that I simply embraced it.

Since I began treatment, about five months ago, I have not only reduced my prescription medicines by a third, but I plan on being complete off all three prescriptions in another six to eight months. I have also completely stopped taking over the counter medications, except for occasional heartburn.

I have also eliminated my six cans of Mountain Dew a day, all sweets and all junk food from my life. And I have lost 17 pounds. For the first time in my life I am exercising.

I don't have the words to describe how successful, confident and proud of myself I feel since beginning treatment.

Debbie F.

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Freedom from Rheumatoid Arthritis

My name is Shari Friedrichs.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in March 2004   because I was suffering from constant, unremitting pain everywhere in my body.  The pain was in my muscles, but the worst pain was in my joints: hips, feet, hands, wrists, and elbows. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and then I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, bursitis in my hip, and carpal tunnel in both wrists.    I had this problem for fifteen years and during those years it changed everything in my life.  It was painful and difficult for me to do ordinary activities like cleaning my house, cooking (which I love), and going down stair to do the laundry.  Even shopping was an ordeal because of the pain from walking in from the parking lot.

 I was a city letter carrier and I loved my job, but I was in constant pain, every step of every hour of every day.  My doctor ordered me to stop walking and my boss wanted me to take a “fitness for duty” physical so she could fire me.  Luckily, my supervisor intervened, and I was transferred to desk job at 1/3 less pay.  My social life was determined by how I felt each day and I often wondered why anyone would want to talk to me when I was so miserable.  I was angry, irritable, and depressed so my family tiptoed around me and cared for me at the same time.

I would wake up in the middle of the night after the pain medications wore down and lie there unable to get back to sleep because I was worrying about the future of my health. I became depressed and I was so fatigued that I needed to sleep all the time.  I’d nap over my two hour lunch break, go home and go right back to bed, get up for a dinner that my husband would make, and then go back to bed again.  There was even a time when the pain was so bad I was forced to rely on a wheel chair.

I tried physical therapy, chiropractic, and even had carpal tunnel surgery.  I tried stronger and stronger pain medications including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications that gave me migraines, narcotics including morphine that caused constipation, and antidepressants that left me with a “flat affect”, feeling like I didn’t care about anything.  All of these only gave me short term pain reduction.  The pain was never completely gone and the drugs made me feel groggy and sluggish.  Even worse, the disease was continuing to progress and my joints were deteriorating. 

So, my doctor put me on a biologic agent called Remicade. It’s similar to chemotherapy and is administered intravenously every eight weeks. I was also prescribed Methotrexate, a cancer drug that suppresses the immune system.  Both drugs required frequent testing of liver functions to detect collateral organ damage which showed up on several tests.  Even with these drugs I still had constant pain.

With my first treatment David concentrated on the bursitis in my hip. With the insertion of just one needle I was able to bring my knee to my chest without pain! With the insertion of the second needle I could rotate my hip left and right without pain!  I was elated, ecstatic and in total awe. I thought: What was this? How does it work?  If two needles got rid of my hip pain, I could only imagine what lay in store for the rest of my woes.

Within two months I was off my sleeping pills. At four months I no longer needed to take pain pills on a daily basis. Between the fourth and seventh months of treatments I only needed pain medication twice and that was because I had overdone my physical activities. A year after I began treatments I was able to pass my Black Belt test  in Tae Kwon-do!   At this point in time my condition feels 1,000% better. I now feel like I never had any of these problems.  I have been able to change my career, go back to school, and graduate with a master’s degree in Oriental Medicine.

I would recommend acupuncture to anyone because it gave me back my life.  If you have a chronic health problem that requires continuous medication for “treatment” or offers no hope for lasting healing you owe it to yourself and your family to see what Abundance Acupuncture can do.  

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Anxiety, Panic Attacks, & Fatigue

My name is Cheryl.  I’ve had issues with anxiety/panic attacks for over 15 years. The last 7 years I had taken medication on a daily basis to help prevent them, plus a PRN (as needed) medication when they continued to happened.

 With my daughter’s wedding approaching, I began having symptoms surfacing again. Fourteen years ago I suffered with anxiety all day at an important family event. Afraid of the same thing happening at the wedding and not wanting to be more medicated, I decided to try Acupuncture. I had my first appointment 1 1/2 weeks before the wedding to discuss my options. Both Shari and David felt they could help me even in such a “short time.” I had 5 appointments before the big day, along with ear tacks in place and acupressure points to use. I made it through the entire weekend without a problem. I’ve continued getting treatments and I am completely off of the medications, with none of the previous symptoms of anxiety returning. Since starting the treatments I have also noted a significant decrease in fatigue.

I look forward to each treatment, as the whole experience is very calming and pleasant from the time I walk in the door to leaving. I always thought I would be on that medication for the rest of my life, so I am definitely thrilled with my progress!   I very much appreciate the art of Natural Healing.

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40 Years of Migraines Come To an End

My name is Gloria V.   I came to Abundance Acupuncture in July 2014   because I had been suffering from chronic frequent migraines for forty years with the past ten years being the worst.  The severe pain was always on the right side of my head and it was often accompanied by nausea and vomiting.  They were bad enough that I had to go to the hospital several times for additional treatment.  The migraines interrupted my sleep, left me exhausted after taking the medications, and made me feel hopeless.

I tried medications such as Excedrin, Advil, Imitrex, Topamax, and narcotics at the emergency room.  The medications caused more rebound headaches and the preventative ones left me feeling lethargic and tired every day.

With the encouragement of my family I began seeking Alternative Medicine and came upon Abundance Acupuncture.  After reading migraine success stories from the testimonials on their website I made the first appointment.  I began to feel significant improvements in my condition after ten treatments at Abundance Acupuncture and was able to stop using several medications.  I felt less lethargic and more alive, the migraines were less intense, and I recovered more quickly after using the imitrex.

David Milbradt reviewed my progress and was not satisfied with the improvements. He noticed that my morning headaches were the same type of headaches that his dentist friend, Jack Stellpflug, D.D.S., had been treating successfully and he referred me to Jack.  I continued with the acupuncture and Jack Stellpflug fitted me with a dental appliance like a small mouth guard which I started wearing at night. That was the end of the migraines.

 Now, for the first time in 40 years I have gone an entire month with no migraines or Imatrex. I have more energy, sleep better, and my bowels are regular. I feel like my organs finally have a chance to cleanse.  I have also had significant improvements with my back pain and occasional sinus headaches.

 The clinic is clean and easy to find. During the treatments I felt relaxed, warm, and well cared for by the wonderful and professional staff.  I would recommend Abundance Acupuncture to anyone.  They educated me on proper diet, pointed out things that were triggering my migraines, and they were able to crack my case and find the reason for my years of suffering.  They solved the puzzle without pills and helped me care for my body as we all deserve!  Today I can attend functions that I didn’t have the energy to go to before and now I can do it with a great attitude.

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Diabetes, Weight Loss, and IBS

My name is Sonia, I came to Abundance Acupuncture in August 2009 because I was suffering with arthritis in my hips, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Diabetes and overweight. I had these problems for several years

These problems made my life uncomfortable and in the case of the arthritis, problems exercising.

In addition to acupuncture I used physical therapy. I was on several medications for my diabetes including Actos, Glyburide and Metformin.

I felt great improvement in IBS symptoms and arthritis pain in four months and at that time I had been given the information by David about the negative effects of Actos and the danger to my body. I shared that information with my physician and he took me off of the medication and replaced it with Januvia.  Due to that medication change, I lost 22 pounds in 6 months without making any significant changes in my lifestyle. This resulted in lower blood pressure and better blood glucose readings. Without the research knowledge of the staff at Abundance Acupuncture which they shared with me I would probably still be struggling with the above mentioned issues.

I would recommend acupuncture as a means of healing and education about our bodies to anyone seeking a more wholistic approach to their health.

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Foot Pain, Daily Headaches, and More

My name is Sue H., when I came to Abundance Acupuncture in November 2012, I was suffering from multiple health problems: severe foot pain, daily headaches, acid reflux, constant sinus congestion, a series of sinus infections, and frequently recurring colds & flues.

The foot pain was diagnosed as plantar fasciitis.   It started in my heel, then radiated into the arch and ankle making it hard to walk without a limp.  The pain was worse if I was on my feet for any longer than two hours, and at night it would wake me up with a throbbing ache.  It was hard to work a 4 hour shift at the assisted living facility much less a 6-8 hour day.  When I worked 6 hours I could hardly walk the rest of the day and the day after I had to sit with ice off and on.  Finding more things to do while sitting became a way of life.  I had recently been doing more walking for exercise and it was very depressing to stop being active because of the pain.

I tried wearing foot gear at night but, it irritated other parts of my foot.   Injections in the foot did not work for me, and the prescription strength Ibuprofen (Piroxicam) aggravated my acid reflux problem.  After 9 months of physical therapy I felt hopeless, fatigued by the disrupted sleep, and tired of going to the therapy sessions.

My doctor was considering surgery as a last resort, but I tried acupuncture instead. Now, after three months of treatments at Abundance Acupuncture, my condition feels 90% better.  There is only a minimal amount of discomfort in my heel and arch, I am able to work a full 6-8 hour shift on my feet and then continue on to do other activities like gardening and walking later in the day.  I can even run around with my grandchildren. I have also had significant improvement in my other symptoms.   I no longer have daily headaches or acid reflux.  My chest congestion has cleared, allergies are a thing of the past, and sinus issues are minimal.  The pains in my upper back, shoulder, elbow, and knee are gone.   

Herbs and Supplements recommended by Abundance Acupuncture helped with my allergies, head colds, sinus infections, and stomach problems.  An herbal foot soak helped calm the itching I was having all over my body.  Even a yeast infection didn’t last long due to the foot soak and acupuncture.

During the treatments I felt calm and relaxed.  The staff was very good about keeping me thoroughly informed and comfortable during treatments.  I would recommend acupuncture to anyone because it allowed my body to heal without adding more medications.  David Milbradt and Shari Friedrichs gradually helped eliminate the medications which increased my symptoms and health problems.  I was never pressured to stop taking any of the meds I was on. When I decided to go off some of the drugs, acupuncture helped make the transition possible so that my body could heal without them.  I am very pleased with the outcome – having better health without drugs.  Since I started acupuncture I have also learned about acupressure which I can do myself.  I find that it is very helpful for simple everyday aches and pains.

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Fatigue and High Blood Pressure

My name is Mary and I came to Abundance Acupuncture in late July, 2007.   I was experiencing extreme exhaustion and general fatigue that was so severe I literally could not function on a daily basis.

Within 3-4 months of my first visit and initial treatments, my energy returned and I feel vital again.  I have also experienced a life-changing emotional and physical “balance” as a result of the treatments administered by both David and Jonah. 

Last of all and very importantly, I had been taking blood pressure medication for at least ten years on a daily basis as prescribed by my physician.  After only thirty days of acupuncture treatments, my blood pressure returned to normal and I no longer require ANY blood pressure medication.  This fact is documented in my medical file at my physician’s office.  This is a bonus I could have never imagined or expected!

Thank you to David Milbradt and the entire staff at ABUNDANCE ACUPUNCTURE

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Chronic, All Over, Aches and Pains

My name is Kirsten M.   I came to Abundance Acupuncture in March 2014 because I was suffering from headaches and pain in my neck, back, and other joints.  I had these pains for most of my life.  My whole body ached and my hands and joints were very painful and swollen. I was unable to sleep properly and this left me feeling tired, irritable, and depressed.  It was difficult to work full time or simply function normally in my daily life.

I tried medications such as Aleve, Tylenol, muscle relaxants, and Trazadone, but I continued to be fatigued and in a lot of pain.  I started to feel significant improvements and was able to move my neck with less pain during my first treatment.  Now I am feeling great!  I have less pain, feel more energetic, and I am able to do the things I enjoy that I haven’t been able to do in years. I am less depressed and I have been able to eliminate a number of medications which I had been taking for years and years.

During the treatments I felt relaxed and could actually feel the pain melting away. The staff at the clinic is very friendly and helpful.  I would recommend acupuncture to anyone who hurts because it works.

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Relief from 10 Years of Fibromyalgia

My name is Cindi U. I came to Abundance Acupuncture in June, 2012 because I was suffering from fibromyalgia, all over body pain, high blood pressure, asthma, and mood issues.  I had these problems for over 10 years.  These problems literally made my skin hurt!  I was in intense pain almost all the time.

Hot flashes, mood swings, depression, restless legs, knee pain, and overall lack of energy made it difficult for me to do daily activities like house work.  It was hard to find the energy to force myself go to work.  Eventually I lost the desire to do the things I enjoyed the most including singing and playing my guitar which are my life passions.

 I tried medications such as blood pressure meds, Prilosec, inhalers, antidepressants, prescription anti inflammatory drugs, and even narcotic pain killers for the fibromyalgia pain.  None of them seemed to help and my pain and problems kept getting worse.  I was repeatedly sent to physical therapy and also used chiropractic care with only minimal temporary results.

I began to feel significant improvements in my condition after only 6 treatments.  At this point in time my condition feels 80-90% improved.  The fibromyalgia pain is virtually gone!  I am off of five of my medications!  I used to take Prilosec daily and now I am down to only every 4 days or so. I plan to eventually discontinue its use completely.  I no longer have mood swings or night sweats and my energy is back to do all the things I love to do. I have also had significant improvement in my restless legs, constantly feeling hot, not being able to tolerate summer, and the depression that came with having so much pain. All of these results were pleasant surprises.

My husband even asked if I was an imposter this summer due to the fact that it was one of the hottest on record and I wasn’t complaining about the heat.   I feel like I have my life back and expect to continue to improve my health with acupuncture. 

During the treatments I felt comfortable, relaxed, and most treatments found me napping.  The clinic is a serene place to rejuvenate and improve your health and energy.  The staff is fabulous!  They are completely professional, knowledgeable, and truly have a passion to help people.

I would recommend acupuncture to anyone who thinks there is no help for their condition because it works.  When I tell people I have had such great results from acupuncture they often ask me “isn’t it expensive?” My reply to that question is “I would rather pay 100% for something that works than 20% for something that doesn’t.”  Abundance Acupuncture has truly changed my health and well being which has changed my life. How do you put a price on that?

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Onset of Shingles (Herpes Zoster)

I was already being treated at Abundance Acupuncture for problems with my back when I was diagnosed with a case of shingles. My regular doctor prescribed anti-viral medication and strong painkillers. I was very distressed as this was my second time with shingles. I was prepared for six to eight weeks of pain and a lot of missed work. My doctor told me that there was also a risk of postherpetic neuralgia, pain that can continue for weeks or even years.

I came to see David the same day I was diagnosed and he immediately began a special acupuncture treatment called “Surrounding the Dragon”. He also prescribed some Chinese herbs to help fight the virus. Anyone who has had this disease knows how intense the pain is, yet after only one treatment, it was immediately reduced. After two more treatments, my pain was entirely gone. In addition, the shingles stopped developing.

I never took a single pain killer and was able to go on with my life without any disruption. Because the disease did not progress, it lessens my chance of post-pain later on. When I told my regular doctor about this, he was astonished.

I wish that everyone who suffers from this disease could know of the wonderful and immediate relief that can be achieved through acupuncture. My faith in David’s knowledge and skill is even greater than before.  When I came to Abundance the day I was diagnosed, I was frightened and depressed but my confidence in their care was confirmed by the results. I feel sad that so many people, especially the elderly, suffer for years when I know that help is right here at Abundance Acupuncture.

Jenny P.

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I began acupuncture in February of 2001 with the cooperation of my medical doctor.  I sought out acupuncture as a way of bringing my thyroid back into balance after being diagnosed as hypothyroid and reliant on the prescription medication, Synthroid, for about six years.

After receiving acupuncture on a very regular basis, I was completely weaned off of Synthroid by the summer of 2001.  I have twice yearly blood tests for my thyroid and it has been normal ever since.

After that experience, I had a great deal of confidence in the benefits of acupuncture and continued to go regularly for thyroid endocrine maintenance as well as a number of other ailments that have occurred over the years, such as insomnia, menstrual pain, stomach ulcer, and an ovarian cyst that went away without the need for surgery.  I found acupuncture to be very effective in treating all of these problems!

Additionally, I thought the sessions were very relaxing, frequently falling asleep while the needles were in.  There was infrequent mild discomfort with the insertion of the needles, but nothing intolerable.

I am prescription medication free and feel very healthy overall.  I am grateful to David Milbradt and to acupuncture for helping me get into a state of balance.

India A.

June 2005

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Relief from Neuropathy

My name is Linda.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in March 2014 because I had been suffering from Neuropathy in my hands and feet for over 10 years. Diabetes and the side effects of chemotherapy had left me with unrelenting deep pains in my hands and feet.   My hands were so numb and weak that it was difficult do simple things like buttoning my clothes and putting on earrings. My feet were completely numb and felt no superficial sensations at all unless I stepped on something very sharp which could then lead to open sores and infections.  As a nurse I had difficulty doing my job and I had a series of five hand surgeries just to keep working.  The pain interrupted my sleep and it left me feeling exhausted, irritable and helpless.  Even walking and driving a car were hard to manage.

Pain pills did not help at all so I tried anti-neuroleptic medications and hand therapy with only temporary and very minimal results.  I also had allergic reactions to most of the medications I took.

I began to feel significant improvements with the first four to six treatments at Abundance Acupuncture.  At this point in time my neuropathy feels 60 to 75% better.  I can do buttons and zippers, pick up coins, do sewing by hand, and put on most of my jewelry by myself.  Walking is getting easier and I can now feel the car accelerator under my foot.   I no longer have back pain, I have been able to eliminate my allergy and blood pressure medications, and the Chinese herbs provided by Abundance Acupuncture have helped reduce my edema and improved my energy level. 

I felt relaxed during the treatments energized and amazingly good after them.  The clinic is flexible with scheduling, it’s a great environment for healing, and the staff is awesome.  I would recommend acupuncture to everyone because it promotes better health and cures heath issues without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.  As an R.N. I have learned much in the past few months that I never learned in 40 years of nursing.  I recommend Abundance Acupuncture to everyone I talk to.  

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Back Pain and Osteopenia

My name is Heidi R.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in March, 2007 because I was suffering with chronic low back pain from osteoarthritis and worn discs.  I had also been diagnosed with osteopenia about five years earlier and was taking Fosamax regularly. I had constant low back pain every day for 20 years. It made it difficult for me to sleep and it also made me feel fatigued and hopeless because I didn’t think I would ever be free of the pain.  The osteopenia didn’t cause any pain.  It does not usually cause symptoms, but I knew I had osteopenia because of the results of bone density tests which showed that I was losing bone mass.

The Fosomax that I was taking made the bone tissue under my gums grow excessively.  Osteomas from the Fosomax actually broke through the gum tissue in two places and required surgery in 2006.  My doctor discontinued the Fosomax and I started taking the Osteo Support formula from Abundance Acupuncture 3 times per day, along with calcium citrate, magnesium, and vitamin D.  As my back started feeling better I was able to exercise regularly, go walking daily, and do more gardening.

At this point in time my back pain feels 90% better and a bone density test this September showed that my bones have improved.  I no longer have osteopenia!

I have also had significant improvement in other symptoms like the neck and left shoulder pain that developed from shoveling snow and chopping ice during the cold winter of 2008.

During the treatments I felt relaxed and sometimes I could feel a tingling in my low back and shoulder which was a good indication of increased blood flow to those areas.

The clinic is wonderful and the staff is very helpful.  I would recommend acupuncture to people with chronic pain because it is all natural with no side effects and/or complications and it helped me very much!

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Effexor Withdrawal

I came to Abundance Acupuncture August 16, 2007   because I was suffering from withdrawals from the antidepressant Effexor.  I was given Effexor as a substitute for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).  After discovering that it did not help I followed the standard tapering dose to wean myself off of this drug. The withdrawal symptoms caused severe joint pain, uncontrollable shaking of my brain (brain shivers), headaches, nightmares, vertigo, vomiting, and disorientation.

 It also caused difficulty sleeping, irritability, and hopelessness.  It made it difficult for me to work and function normally.  I was unable to work for approximately 10-12 days.  I tried the medication Lorazepam which was prescribed by a doctor at the Emergency Department at the hospital, but I discontinued after finding out how addictive it is.

 I began to feel some improvements in my condition after 2-3 treatments at Abundance Acupuncture.  At this point in time my condition feels 100% better. I now feel as I did before taking the Effexor and I am able to function normally.  During the treatments I felt relaxed and had some electric current type sensations with some of the needles.  The clinic is warm and inviting and the staff is friendly and courteous.

 I would recommend acupuncture to any because it works.  I have tried acupuncture in the past for stomach /digestive problems which it helped as well.

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In February of 2001 I had Polymyalgia Rheumatica which was very‑crippling and painful. The only thing that helped me was taking a large amount of Prednisone which unfortunately has many side effects. Eventually, the severe pain lessened and I was able to take a smaller amount of Prednisone. I was, however, left with residual pain in my neck, shoulder and collar bone. I suffered with this for many years even being unable to turn my neck very far from side to side. I tried many times to completely quit taking Prednisone, but each time I did the pain would get worse.

I became very discouraged because any time I tried to do even minor work or anything that required me to be on my feet for any length of time, I would have more pain. Pain seemed to rule my life affecting so many aspects of it such as being unable to take a trip to visit with family or having to watch others do things around the house and yard that I used to be able to do.

I heard about acupuncture through an acquaintance of my wife. That person spoke very highly of David Milbradt and how much he had helped her. I went to the acupressure workshop in this past December, learned more and signed up for a free consultation.

I started treatments in December and after the first three treatments felt pain free for the first time in many years. I can turn my head from side to side now without pain and with continued treatment I am for the most part without pain. I plan on continuing having treatments until I am cured. Recently I had some knee and leg pain and David treated that, too. I am amazed at how good I feel every time I have a treatment. At this time, I have cut down the amount of Prednisone I'm taking and soon will be completely off of it.

Coming to the clinic is a very uplifting experience. David, Margo, Sheri and Joel are very caring. Everyone is as happy and excited as I am when I tell them how great I feel. I am starting to feel more optimistic and enjoying life more. I have and will continue to recommend Abundance Acupuncture to others.

Dick S.  April 22, 2006

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Chronic Back Pain and Allergies

My name is Marge H. I came to Abundance Acupuncture in February 2010 because I was suffering from chronic back pain and allergies.

I had seasonal and household allergies for 40 years. It created problems with the activities of daily living and I would get sick from the complications of this condition. For example, when people around me wore perfume, it created an allergic reaction that always resulted in me getting sick with both nasal problems and respiratory problems (hoarseness).

I went through multiple series of immunotherapy and I still required prescription allergy medication. My allergies progressed to the point where I had to be put on steroids because of the body itching.  I ended up staying away from people and places and not doing the things I liked to do because I would have a reaction to them.

My low back pain started after having children 37 years ago. It put such a strain on my back when I lifted anything more than a few pounds that my low back would go into spasms, I couldn't move, and I would have to crawl to get out of bed. The physician put me on a narcotic and a muscle relaxant with bed rest until it resolved. This caused tremendous fatigue and it would take a week to be able to go back to my activities of daily living. Then I was prescribed 500 mg of naproxen twice a day for maintenance. I was always very active with exercising during this period but it still haunted me. I tried physical therapy which did support my recovery during the exacerbations. However, in order to be pain free, I needed to continue to take the anti‑inflammatory Naproxen. In January 2010, 1 had a major exacerbation while on a trip. When I returned in February, I decided to try acupuncture.

 At this point, both my allergies and back problems are 95‑97% improved. I no longer take any medication for allergies or back pain. After going through a course of acupuncture treatments for my allergies, I do not have the intense reaction that I had in the past to the allergens.  I no longer need any over the counter or prescription medicines for my allergies. I occasionally have some watery eyes but my eye drops take care of that. Normally when it is hay harvesting time I would have to stay inside and take my medicine. I do not react to the hay these days and it feels great.

As far as my back is concerned, I no longer take any pain killers for back pain.  I have reassessed the activities that aggravate my back and have modified my exercise routine.  I cannot say that I do not ever have back pain; however I now can identify what causes it, know how to remedy it without medication. This means that my diet has changed as well.

The staff at Abundance Acupuncture is very supportive and like family. I will continue to recommend them to my family and friends. It truly has been a blessing to have started this journey and I look forward to my continued relationship with this office.

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Digestive Disturbances and Motion Sickness

My name is Carol K.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in December 2009 because I had suffered from severe digestive disturbances for 42 years. These episodes lasted 30-90 minutes and started with a dull ache behind my breast bone that felt like an internal blockage. This ache intensified and caused terrible pain, forceful vomiting, and diarrhea which were all accompanied by profuse sweating and uncontrollable body trembling.  These incidents made it difficult for me to go out to eat with my friends and husband without anxiety that I might get sick and be embarrassed because I had to leave the meal.

During the last year I have also had problems with motion sickness whenever I was driving in a car or going to higher altitudes.   My motion sickness became an even bigger problem when we purchased a large SUV.  We had planned a road trip to the West Coast for January and February and I was concerned about if I would be able to enjoy the trip, especially the high passes in the Rocky Mountains which had been a major problem in the past.

To help my digestion I tried Zypan and Ginger Root which were somewhat helpful but not always dependable.  I began to feel some improvements in my condition after that first treatment at Abundance Acupuncture and I have not had any digestive incidents since my first treatment.  At this point in time my condition feels 100% better. I now feel “safe” that my digestive problems are in my past and I am able to go out to eat and enjoy a relaxing meal when ever I want.

My motion sickness is also a thing of the past.  I took several smaller trips with no motion sickness before we embarked on our trip out to the West Coast.  I thoroughly enjoyed the venture because I was able to look around at the scenery (not possible before), read maps, and even a book!!   The 10,000 foot altitude did not pose a problem either!

Acupuncture has also given me significant relief from sciatic pain which bothered me after an extended airplane trip.

During the treatments I felt a peaceful, relaxing sensation and after each treatment I felt a renewed sense of calm. The clinic is clean, has a relaxing atmosphere, and the staff is friendly, kind, and helpful.  I recommend acupuncture to anyone for any condition because I’m a firm believer in helping the body heal itself through NATURAL venues, by correcting the problem, rather than through the use of medications that may have serious side effects.

Thank you!     Carol K. 

Paraparesis or Partial Paralysis

My name is Cheryl B.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in February, 2009 because I was suffering from a condition called Hereditary Spastic Paraparesis.  Basically that means stiffness in both legs.  Unfortunately it also spread to my arms, hands and affected my speech.  Because I have stiffness in my legs, my balance is very poor.  I would fall anywhere from 1 – 5 times a week.  Sometimes I would fall 3 times in one day. 

I have had this condition for about 11 years.  As a result of my condition, I had to quit my job working in a cheese processing plant.  I find it challenging to do everyday tasks.  I can do them it just takes me a lot longer because of the stiffness and unbalance.  If I stand for prolonged periods of time my toes get sore.  Walking is difficult because I have to be aware of what is on the ground in front of me.  Uneven surfaces (grass, gravel, etc.) are extremely hard to walk on.

I have tried many different things trying to receive some form of healing.  I have been to physical therapy, massage therapy, a chiropractor, a health kinesiologist and even tried singing Tibetan bowls.  None of these have produced prolonged relief.  When I started acupuncture I was taking 5 muscle relaxers per day.  Within the first 1 ½ months I was off all of my muscle relaxers.  To me that was an amazing accomplishment.  The muscle relaxers were replaced with natural herbs. 

I have had a lot of relief in my muscle stiffness.  My balance has also improved.  I still fall, but not nearly as much as I used to.  I have gained more confidence to go places alone because I am not as fearful of falling.  I seem to be more joyful having something that has had a healing affect on me.

I came to a plateau where I was not seeing any improvements.  The acupuncturist recommended that I try physical therapy along with acupuncture.  That was a great suggestion.  The therapist focuses on my balance and walking technique.  I have exercises to help strengthen my leg muscles and my core stability.  Now when I go to acupuncture I go into the clinic with tight muscles from exercise and weight training and I can feel relief in my muscles before I even leave the clinic.

Coming into the clinic gives me a sense of peace.  Everyone is very caring and positive and they take the time to get to know their patients personally. I definitely have a long healing journey ahead of me but at least I know that there is acupuncture that can help me on my journey.  I am in this for “the long haul”.  Optimal health and walking 3 miles a day are part of my goals.  I believe you have to stay positive and full of faith and hope. 

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Restless Legs, Lymes, & Gall Bladder Disease

My name is Linda.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in August, 2003 when it was located in Fall River.  My 90 year young, neighbor recommended him and I was suffering from Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), and Neuropathy.  I had been suffering from this since 1999.  The problem was worst at night in the legs from the knees to the ankles.  I was a Special Education Teacher who often dealt with children with severe behavior problems as well as Learning Disabilities. The high levels of stress from my job left me with sleeping difficulties and low energy levels.

 At one point, in November, 2004 I also became afflicted with Gall Bladder attacks, and had three visits to the emergency room with all the symptoms but not the most conclusive test that would result in Gall Bladder removal.   At one point I went to Abundance Acupuncture with severe pain and was seriously considering going back to the hospital and demand the Gall Bladder surgery.  David did a treatment and with the placement of one particular needle in the treatment, the pain level went from an 8 (I’m on my way to the hospital) to nothing. We finished the series of treatments and I have had NO Gall Bladder attacks since those treatments seven years ago. 

When Abundance moved to Beaver Dam I decided that was too far to drive and I discontinued treatments until April of this year (2011).  I had gone to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN two times and they prescribed Mirapex, which helped greatly with the crawling sensations.  I saw the neurologist from the UW two times per year or as needed, but I was still having difficulty sleeping and needed take pain medication to sleep.  The last year I taught school, I was taking a lot of Darvocet to get through a day, and then I would go home in tears. Other medications were added to my diet of medications to ease the pain, NSAIDS and then medications to protect my stomach from the irritation of all the medications.   It then became apparent that I could no longer physically or safely teach children in my increasingly worsening condition.  I retired on Physical Disability due to the RLS and Neuropathy in 2006.  That was probably the most difficult thing this physically active person had ever done.  Concede to a Physical Disability.

THEN:  The RLS was complicated by the contraction of Lymes.  I was hospitalized for three days, and after 30 days of antibiotics was declared cured.  In the last three years all the symptoms of Lymes with a conclusive diagnosis of Lymes, has reoccurred with out evidence of a tick bite. Each time I was treated with 30 days of antibiotics and each time the symptoms got worse, encompassing the entire body with the same symptoms of Lymes.  (Crawling sensations, pain in extremities, discomfort all over, sleeping 3-5 hours per night most often with pain medication, etc.)  It became so intense that I would become short of breath, and would shake so bad from the crawling sensation and pain that my teeth would chatter and was twice was taken to the ER.  For a third time I was diagnosed with Acute Lymes.  Again 30 days of antibiotics and the symptoms did not go away.  The level of hydrocone and the frequency with which I took it increased.  It was nothing to take 2 7.5 mg of hydrocodone in a short span of time.   As the episodes increased in intensity, they increased in frequency, until they were nightly, therefore so did the amount of pain medication.  Valium was added to the hydrocodone to ease my symptoms.  On one occasion in 2 hours I had one hydrocodone and 20mg of Valium.  I was still able to have a 45 minute phone conversation with my sister before the medication made me relax enough to go to sleep.

I am a person who loves to be outside, gardening, riding, hunting, fishing, camping, and canning my own food.  If I am inside I am cooking, quilting, and sewing costumes for my grandchildren, sewing horse showmanship outfits for another grandchild, knitting or crocheting.  My ability to do these things and my desire to live was declining rapidly, I could no longer participate in the things I loved most: hunting and fishing with my husband, playing with my grandchildren, gardening, and the final straw was when it hurt to ride my horse that I have had as a friend for 12 years.  I no longer wanted to go to the barn and could not ride some days as I was in too much pain.  

I had finally reached the end of my rope and was told I had to wait six weeks to see an Infectious Disease Specialists.  I called Abundance Acupuncture and was set up with a series of treatments and Herbs.  

 I have just had my first reevaluation and can say with joy that my desire to participate in life has returned.  After two months of treatments and herbs the episodes that were draining the life from me have stopped.  I have been 10 days with out an episode.   The NSAIDS, Prilosec and Valium are no longer needed.  The Mirapex at this point is still needed on a daily basis.  But the amount of hydrocodone I take has decreased dramatically to about 3 per week and not per day.  I am learning to limit myself so that the pain does not return (this is very hard). I have hope that my progress will continue and I will no longer have to hang the Disability sign in the front window of my vehicle. 

The fact remains that through Abundance Acupuncture I have regained my desire to again participate in life.  I have reached the Senior Citizen category and will be 65 in a few months and now feel I can reach my goal of riding my horse at 75+. 

The clinic and staff are welcoming, calming, and the staff is particularly caring in the clients needs, desires, physical and emotional wellbeing.

I would and have recommended Abundance Acupuncture to a family member and a friend so that they might regain their health through acupuncture.

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On 2/26/04, while driving to work, I was broadsided on my side by another driver running a stop sign. I almost lost my life due to many serious injuries and was hospitalized until 3/30/04, when I came home to a hospital bed in my living room. Through therapy, I progressed from the bed to a wheelchair, to a walker, to crutches, to a cane, to eventually walking on my own. I have so far undergone eight surgeries resulting from the accident.

All of this happened while my husband and I were living in Michigan. We moved to Wisconsin in July 2005. It was very stressful and worrisome leaving my doctors and therapists behind and it took me several months to find new ones. My new family physician, a fine doctor and enlightened man, referred me to David Milbradt of Abundance Acupuncture. My first treatment was on 9/23/05.

Last September, David and I began a journey together and we are still traveling. Aside from chronic pain, I had many other health issues resulting from the accident: I was weak, had no energy, was very underweight, had no appetite, had severe headaches and was taking at least eight prescription medications. I could barely go out the door and walk down the block. There was also the mental side of all this illness and pain: sadness, melancholy, short term memory loss, confusion and frustration. As we proceeded with treatment, David has addressed all these issues with extreme professionalism and expertise, amazing skill, great kindness and empathy. He is treating my body as a whole, including nutritional counseling, recommending needed supplements, and informing me of the good choices I can make to recover and sustain my health.

Over the months, David has enabled me to make great strides toward wellness. We have not had any overnight miracles and I did not expect any. Instead, my path has been one of gradual relief, hard work, consistency and staying with the program. I now take only one medication on a daily basis, have gained weight, have an appetite, am able to do moderate exercise and can take 30 minute walks! I continue to have pain, but it is less severe and much more manageable. I have more energy, am more optimistic, and have begun to feel like a real person again, not an invalid. We continue to work.

Thank you David.

I also want to thank Margo and Shari for their wonderful kindness, caring, and genuine interest in me, and for pulling those needles out! Also thanks to Joel, new to the practice, who has also been very kind.

Sandra S.  5/7/06

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My name is Helen, and I have received treatment from David Milbradt for pain I suffered from a fall 2 1/2 years ago. The result of the fall was a broken ball on the top of my shoulder for which I had surgery to pin a new ball on that arm. I suffered a lot of pain with that operation and a lot of physical therapy. The following year I rammed the same arm against a door jam and broke the upper bone and damaged my rotator cuff.  The end result was that I suffered with a lot of pain that limited my life. I could no longer use that arm, I lost my ability to keep up my house, I lost my appetite and 20 pounds, I was unable to sleep, and the severe pain led to anxiety and depression, I had given up hope of leading a normal life.

I visited local doctors and pain specialists in Madison. Doctors kept prescribing pain medication, but no relief came from the medication for any length of time. The medication not only didn’t help the pain, but it also had negative side effects by adding to my depression and loss of appetite. The pain ultimately affected my health in such a way that it led to hospitalization. An EMG exam revealed nerve damage in my shoulder from the original fall 2 1/2 years earlier The doctor said there was nothing that they could do except for medication.

Just prior to my hospitalization, we were going to give one last attempt for relief and try acupuncture. While in the hospital, David came up to my room and gave an initial examination. After many questions about my condition and an exam, he applied a few pressure points on my leg. Surprisingly, I had more range of motion in my arm and he thought I would be a good candidate for relief through acupuncture.

I began treatments and remarkably the first treatment left me without pain for 3 hours. That was the most relief I had in 2 1/2 years. After the first three initial treatments, I noticed a remarkable difference in the level of pain ‑ it was a miracle. After a month of treatments I am almost pain free in that arm.

Life is so much different because of acupuncture: I have relatively no pain and a much greater range of motion in my arm. I am able to do almost any type of housework and activity. I can sleep again and the depression is lifted. I have a new lease on life because the pain is so much less. Acupuncture probably saved my life.

Since then I have recommended people to try acupuncture because it is so effective, so relaxing and it doesn't have any negative side effects. I enjoy the office help, the people are so helpful and friendly and David really cares about my health and my quality of life.

Thank you David for helping me and to your office staff for helping walk me through those first sessions.

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Knee & Foot Pain and Depression

My name is Judy P. and I need to confess on how skeptical I was about getting treatments at Abundance Acupuncture.  I had attended a workshop in the fall of 2007 and listened to David speak about Acupuncture, but I thought it sounded too good to be true.  I waited almost a year before I finally had to do something about the pain I was in and by that time I needed a total knee replacement on my right knee. I was even to the point where I was seriously considering going on disability and quitting my job of 27 years!  I could hardly walk the halls at work anymore and the thought of walking down those halls just about killed me. Halfway thru my shift I was popping pain meds just to get thru the rest of my shift. I thought to myself that this is crazy, and that I will end up killing my kidneys with all these pills.

So I finally called the clinic and spoke to Margo, the receptionist, who made me feel very much at ease, and asked me to come on in and meet with them all. My initial consultation was quite emotional because I was also very depressed at that time about my failing health and dealing with a personal loss of a death in my immediate family. Shari was very reassuring and told me they could help me. Well they sure did!  Since my first treatment in May 2008, I have not taken any pain meds.  I can easily walk the halls at work, and I am not going to be forced to retire as early as I thought I would.  My right knee is so much better that I am trying to put off another knee replacement to my left knee now. They not only helped me with my knee pain and depression, but I had plantar fasciitis as well, and that has also been resolved.  I would definitely rate my pain as 80‑90% improved!

 It is so relaxing and calming at the clinic that I actually look forward to my little naps there!  If anyone had told me that I would fall asleep with needles in my body I would have told them that they were crazy!  I hardly feel them, and after they are in you do not even know that they are even there. I am ever so grateful to David, Jonah, Margo, and Shari. They have changed my life entirely!  I wish I would have done this prior to my having a total knee replacement. What a god‑send you all are to me! I also love the music and the flowers!! Thanks again to you all!!!

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Recovery From a Broken Arm

My name is Heidi R.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in April 2011 because I had recently broken my upper left arm in an accident.  My doctor had prescribed narcotic pain medications like Percocet during the first week after the accident but, the drugs left me feeling generally confused and my memory was so bad that I had to write important things down so I would not forget them.  Instead of the narcotics I wanted to use natural medicine like Chinese herbs and acupuncture to control the pain and aid in the healing process.

I am an aging Baby Boomer who had been diagnosed with Osteopenia in 2009.  I was concerned that my broken arm might not heal easily and that my range of motion would be impaired. I am also left handed so it was important to have my left arm heal properly.  I had used acupuncture to help with back pain several years earlier and I hoped that it would help with this problem as well.  The dull ache in my arm made it difficult to shampoo my hair, tie my shoes, and find a comfortable position to sleep all of which depressed my mood.  I wore a cloth sling for six weeks which greatly reduced my physical ability to write, cook, and clean.

I began to feel significant improvements in my condition after eight treatments (or a month of treatments twice a week) at Abundance Acupuncture.  At this point in time my condition feels 95% better. The bone has healed naturally as confirmed by doctor visits and x-ray evaluations and I am able to perform the normal activities of daily living like cleaning floors, washing windows, vacuuming my house, weeding, gardening, and cutting grass with a hand mower.  I have no pain in my upper arm, I am regaining my muscle strength, and I can move my arm 360 degrees forward and backward.

During the treatments I felt very relaxed and confident that my body and left arm would heal and return to good health without the need for surgery. The clinic is very competent and the staff is caring and understanding.

I recommend acupuncture to everyone I know because it has a long history of helping the human body and keeping general health at a high level without the need for expensive drugs or surgery.  I am very pleased with my level of progress in Physical Therapy. After eleven sessions in the last five weeks my therapist, Kelly Lynch in Watertown, WI was amazed at my level of response.  “Your progress has been phenomenal”.  Mark Roman M.D., my orthopedic doctor, said that my recovery was in the top 2% of patients.

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Restless Legs, Arthritis, Acid Reflux. & Asthma

My name is Connie S.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in April, 2008 with numerous health concerns – from a sore shoulder to restless legs to arthritic pain to acid reflux to asthma to pneumonia. 

As you might expect, the problems I had sapped my energy, often caused me to be irritable with my loved ones, and sometimes made me feel hopeless – with little chance of regaining any degree of health.

Well, I am happy to tell you that some of my symptoms were relieved within the first two weeks of treatments.  As time went on, each and every symptom has been eliminated or greatly improved.

When I learned of the dangers of the medication that I was on for acid reflux, I decided to discontinue the Nexium.  Needless to say, thing got worse before they got better. But they did get much, much better! The kindness, caring, and expertise of the staff saw me through the down times and the good times.

I believe that – due to the acupuncture treatments and the herbal supplements – my body is in a much better state.  I have learned much about how to attain and maintain better health.  I thank God for leading me to Abundance Acupuncture!

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Chronic Diarrhea

My name is Donna H.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in March, 2008, because I had chronic diarrhea every day and night for five months.  Everything I ate or drank just went right through me and I had eight or ten bowel movements everyday.  Eventually I had to go on a liquid diet just to get enough water to keep from being dehydrated.  Even then, I needed to go to the emergency room twice to get intravenous fluids because my body could not retain any liquids.

The diarrhea interrupted my sleep, and made me feel fatigued, depressed, irritable, hopeless, and embarrassed. Because the diarrhea was sudden and totally unpredictable I could not get out of the house to do anything except to go to doctors appointments.  I had to wear diapers even in my own house.  My doctors tried eight diarrhea medications: Lonox, Loperamide, Glycolax, Cholestyramine, Flagyl, PangEfpyme, Helidac, and Vancocin, but the side effects only made me feel sicker.  I had two colonoscopies which did not reveal anything significant and even tried acupuncture treatments from a different acupuncturist, but did not notice any changes.

I began to feel some improvements in my condition after the first treatment from Abundance Acupuncture.  Two days later, after one more acupuncture treatment and six cups of prescribed Chinese herbal tea, the diarrhea was gone. At this point in time my condition feels 100% better. I now have regular bowel movements and I am able eat anything I want, leave the house, and not wear any diapers.  I also feel much more energetic, have less fatigue, and have finally been able to clean my house.

During the treatments I felt very relaxed and drifted off.   I would recommend acupuncture to everyone.  I just wish I had gone to Abundance Acupuncture sooner and not had to suffer so long.

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