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Onset of Shingles (Herpes Zoster)


I was already being treated at Abundance Acupuncture for problems with my back when I was diagnosed with a case of shingles. My regular doctor prescribed anti-viral medication and strong painkillers. I was very distressed as this was my second time with shingles. I was prepared for six to eight weeks of pain and a lot of missed work. My doctor told me that there was also a risk of postherpetic neuralgia, pain that can continue for weeks or even years.


I came to see David Milbradt the same day I was diagnosed and he immediately began a special acupuncture treatment called “Surrounding the Dragon”. He also prescribed some Chinese herbs to help fight the virus. Anyone who has had this disease knows how intense the pain is, yet after only one treatment, it was immediately reduced. After two more treatments, my pain was entirely gone. In addition, the shingles stopped developing.


I never took a single pain killer and was able to go on with my life without any disruption. Because the disease did not progress, it lessens my chance of post-pain later on. When I told my regular doctor about this, he was astonished.


I wish that everyone who suffers from this disease could know of the wonderful and immediate relief that can be achieved through acupuncture. My faith in David’s knowledge and skill is even greater than before.  When I came to Abundance the day I was diagnosed, I was frightened and depressed but my confidence in their care was confirmed by the results. I feel sad that so many people, especially the elderly, suffer for years when I know that help is right here at Abundance Acupuncture.


Jenny P.

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Relief from Lingering Shingles Pain


My name is Carol T.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture May 25, 2006 because I was suffering from shingles pain.  I had this problem for 6 weeks. I had pain in my back on the right side and around my right breast and underarm.  The pain was horrible and at times I didn’t want to leave the house.  It also caused fatigue, difficulty sleeping, depression, irritability, and hopelessness.


 It made it difficult for me to travel, go shopping, hold cards in my right hand, and above all to fully enjoy my grandchildren.   I tried medications such as Gabapentin, Lyrica, a number of other medications, and chiropractic, but chiropractic seemed to make it feel worse.


I began to feel significant improvements in my condition after 10 treatments at Abundance Acupuncture.    At this point in time my condition feels 99% better. I now feel like I have my life back and I am able to enjoy my grandchildren, traveling, shopping, and playing cards again.  I have also had significant improvement in my energy level, depression, and fibromyalgia.


The clinic is very professional and has a relaxing atmosphere.  The staff is very friendly and caring. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone who is suffering from shingles pain and would like to have better health.


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