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Multiple Sclerosis and Lymeís Disease

I have been diagnosed and dealing with the effects of Lymeís Disease and Multiple Sclerosis for 14 years. I have suffered from nerve pain, stiffness, burning feet, weak bladder, and difficulty walking.

When I came to Abundance Acupuncture late in October 2015 I was having debilitating pain in my right SI joint and nerve pain jumping down my leg to my right foot.  There was always constant pain in my SI joint and my foot, usually at a level of 5.  At times the pain level went up to 10 and it felt like I was being stabbed with a knife.  I tried cold laser therapy, prolotherapy, nerve ablation and pain medication on this area with no lasting effects.  Since the acupuncture treatments my pain level has been down to a level 2.  Thatís huge!

There are other benefits that I didnít expect.  After the first treatment one of the acupuncturists, Shari Friedrichs, asked me, ďhowís your walking?Ē  I said that I didnít know, put down my cane, and started walking swiftly around the office and even charged at David Milbradt when he came out into the lobby.  The improvement in my walking seems to be holding.  I can now do chores on my home property without always using a cane.  Also, after the first treatment my bowel movements are normal, instead of all over the place.  I also have a weak bladder which made me get up every night.  Now I donít have to get up.  Not even once!

Another issue I have is gallstones.  I would have a build-up of stones which would cause pain under my right ribs and radiate up my back.  To get relief Iíd have to do a gallbladder cleanse every 3 months.  It consisted of drinking Ĺ cup of extra virgin olive oil at night and expelling the stones the next morning.  David has me on a cocktail of herbs that warms up the area so it is not so sluggish.  Well, guess what?  Gallbladder cleanses are now past history.  Lymeís Disease destroys connective tissue and now I am dealing with left arm and shoulder pain.  Iíve been receiving much relief from the acupuncture for this area.  Before, I would have spent money on prolotherapy to tighten the ligaments in that area.  Hopefully, I will no longer need to do that.  And just one more thing, I no longer have restless leg syndrome which Iíve been dealing with for years.

I would recommend acupuncture to friends, family, everyone.  Even if it doesnít relieve the problem you come in for (which Iím pretty sure it will) youíll have other benefits to help your well-being and health.  At Abundance Acupuncture they treat the whole body.  I never dreamed acupuncture would help me as much as it has.  I wasnít very knowledgeable about it.  Iím told I have secondary progressive MS and thereís nothing I can do but live with it. 

I think not.

Patty Porterfield

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Acupuncture Improves Multiple Sclerosis

My name is Jeffrey F. of Beaver Dam Lock & Security.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in October, 2013 because I was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. This was diagnosed two years and four months ago, but the symptoms really began two years before I was diagnosed.  I didnít have pain issues but my mobility was impaired by weakness and lack of balance.  I couldnít stand longer than 20 minutes and I needed a cane to get around. I had difficulty dressing myself and I was unable to continue the work which I had enjoyed doing.  I was also more fatigued, had difficulty sleeping, and sometimes I felt depressed and hopelessness.  I was scared and embarrassed about not being able to provide for my family.

I tried medications such as muscle relaxants and physical therapy and didnít see any significant changes. Chiropractic was helpful, but my condition was beyond what he could do.  After the first treatment at Abundance Acupuncture I began to feel some improvements and I have felt steady improvements with each succeeding treatment.  I have put my cane away and for the first time in years walking has greatly improved. I am moving three times farther and quicker.  I can dress myself, do other things I couldnít do before, and my mood is sharper and more optimistic.

During the treatments I felt very relaxed and calm.  Even though I hate needles acupuncture treatments are really OK.  The clinic is quiet and the staff is friendly.

I have recommend acupuncture to many of my friends because it has made such a difference to me.  Before treatments I felt like I was in my late 70ís even though Iím actually in my late 50ís.  Now that my mobility is improving Iím feeling more like my real self.  Thank you.

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Multiple Sclerosis Improvements

My name is Jeff G.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in December of 2014 because I have been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for the last 36 years.  I have serious issues with fatigue and it is quite difficult for me to walk or go up a set of stairs.  I have tried many medications and have used supplements such as Biotin and Vitamin D to help resolve the side effects of these medications including weight gain and hair loss.  

I started to feel some improvements after several treatments at Abundance Acupuncture.  At this point in time my condition feels 15% better.  This may not seem like much, but it is the most significant change which I have seen in many years.

I now have sensation in my legs and feet and am able to lift my feet to walk up stairs.  I canít remember the last time I felt linoleum or carpet under my feet!  My balance has also greatly improved and I no longer need to hold onto something when I am standing.  Now that I can feel my feet on the floor I can close my eyes when I put on my shirt. I still have tingling in my legs and feet but, it has greatly improved.  It has gone from a complete numbness to a slight tingling with much more sensation. 

My neck pain is also much reduced and the herbs recommended by Abundance Acupuncture have helped me with my sinus congestion.

During the treatments I feel very relaxed. The clinic is great and the staff is fantastic.  I recommended acupuncture to my friends and family because it works! 

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