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Shoulder with Limited Range of Motion

My name is Ann L. I came to Abundance Acupuncture in March 2011 because I was suffering from left shoulder pain from an injury. I had this problem for one year and 2 months. It limited the range of motion of my arm and I always had to stick my left arm in first whenever I put on a shirt or coat. Worst of all I could not hook my bra in the back.  I had to hook it in front and then slide it around. Doing this on a daily basis made me feel really old.

 After 10 months of doing this I finally went to a chiropractor who put my shoulder back in place but, my range of motion never went back to normal.  I was told to try physical therapy to achieve normal range of motion. I thought, “physical torture; no thank you”.

 In February 2011 I attended a workshop by Dr. David Milbradt on “How Acupuncture Restores Health”. In this presentation he read a testimonial and showed a picture of a patient that could not raise her arm up to her shoulder. After one treatment she could raise her arm over her head. “Awesome,” I thought, “maybe it will work for my shoulder”.  And it did!  After a few treatments I was able to reach in back and hook my bra. How wonderful such a small thing can be! The pain is gone and I have full range of motion.

 It is great to be back in working condition with no handicaps! Thank you, David and Shari. Thank you, Chinese medicine!

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“Calm Stomach” T-pills

My name is Ann L. I came to Abundance Acupuncture because I was suffering from indigestion. On my recent trip to Israel I became very sick to my stomach.  I took some of the “calm stomach” tea pills that Dr. Shari had given to me at my last acupuncture appointment and in 10-15 minutes I felt a calmness and my stomach felt fine.

On my trip many on our tour group came down with a wicked traveler’s diarrhea and took Imodium, Pepto-Bismol, and antibiotics like ciprofloxacin which had little or no effect at all. Many of them felt wiped out by the diarrhea and some of them had the dry heaves.

I approached them a little apprehensively with my “Calm Stomach” t-pills to see if I would get a positive response. Those who tried them were greatly appreciated the relief they got from taking them. I will always keep them on hand for travel or home use.  It’s awesome stuff!

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