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Roller Coaster Thyroid

My name is Mary Kay V.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in February 2009, because I was suffering from a thyroid disorder called Graves’ disease.    I’ve had this problem for over three years and it made it hard for me to breathe and think.  It was difficult to walk without back and hip pain, my left arm had areas of constant numbness, and my eyes were puffy and swollen.  I also suffered from fatigue, depression, irritability, hopelessness, and mental confusion.  It was difficult for me to climb up or down stairs and to pay my bills on time.

My thyroid was treated with radioactive iodine and I was prescribed synthroid, a synthetic thyroid hormone. I also tried chiropractic but I was left with “roller coaster” like fluctuations in symptoms that went on for years.  I began to feel significant improvements in my condition after my first treatment at Abundance Acupuncture. 

At this point in time my condition feels 80% better. I now feel energized and vital and I am able to think more clearly, move more easily, and I look forward to being healthy again.  I have also noticed a significant reduction in the numbness in my arm and the swelling around my eyes is going down.

The clinic is comfortable and the staff is very helpful.  I would recommend acupuncture to anyone because it reconnects you to yourself.

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