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Relief from Butt Pain & Swollen, Painful Legs

My name is Jane F.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in July, 2011 because I was suffering from post operative pain in my butt and severe swelling in my knees.  I had this problem for two and a half years. My knees were so swollen that my skin was taught, tight, and painful.  My butt felt like someone was holding a hot soldering iron to my skin and the muscle was all knotted up.  These problems made it difficult for me to sleep and left me feeling fatigued.  It was too painful from me to do even simple everyday chores around the house.

I tried medications such as Tylenol, a muscle relaxant called Flexural, and two hour sessions of physical therapy three times per week, but only felt very temporary relief.   

 After eleven treatments at Abundance Acupuncture my condition now feels 50% better.  My knees are less swollen and are no longer tight and painful.  I am able to do more things around the house without being stopped by the pain.  My butt is also less painful and I am able to hold up longer when I do things away from home.  I actually felt some improvement with each treatment.

The clinic is wonderful and the staff is very welcoming and friendly.  I would recommend acupuncture to anyone who has health problems or pain because I have received relief from both times I came to David Milbradt for help.  This time I was so relieved to be able to get back to Beaver Dam because I had tried so many other things with out getting any help.  I really felt that if anyone could help me David and his staff would be able to and I was right.

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