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Finally Better After Months of Vertigo 

My name is Yvonne. I came to Abundance Acupuncture in March of 2015. I describe my decision to pursue acupuncture as a "leap of faith" because I didn't know what else to do. I was desperate for help to regain a normal life.

 For the past 18 months I had been affected with severe vertigo and dizziness leaving me nauseated most of the time. I became disabled, having difficulty walking, riding in the car, grocery shopping, reading, gardening, and maintaining my house. I couldn't drive the car or ride a bicycle. Depression had set in and I was miserable. I rarely left the house.

 I went through Internists', Neurologists, Ear Nose and Throat specialists, vestibular physical therapy and chiropractic treatment. I had a MRI, MRA, and a CAT scan to rule out stroke. I tried medications such as Meclizine and Diazepam. I was told there was nothing they could do and it would get better. It seemed to be getting worse.

 Acupuncture has given me my life back. I regret waiting so long. I can now drive myself for treatment, go grocery shopping, take walks, play with my grandchildren and do most of the ordinary things that I used to do. I am still receiving treatment to completely eliminate any vertigo or dizziness. I am confident that it will happen.

 The clinic environment is soothing and the staff is positive and professional. I look forward to each treatment and I feel my condition is improving every week.

I highly recommend acupuncture to others.

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