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Knee & Foot Pain and Depression

My name is Judy P. and I need to confess on how skeptical I was about getting treatments at Abundance Acupuncture.  I had attended a workshop in the fall of 2007 and listened to David speak about Acupuncture, but I thought it sounded too good to be true.  I waited almost a year before I finally had to do something about the pain I was in and by that time I needed a total knee replacement on my right knee. I was even to the point where I was seriously considering going on disability and quitting my job of 27 years!  I could hardly walk the halls at work anymore and the thought of walking down those halls just about killed me. Halfway thru my shift I was popping pain meds just to get thru the rest of my shift. I thought to myself that this is crazy, and that I will end up killing my kidneys with all these pills.

So I finally called the clinic and spoke to Margo, the receptionist, who made me feel very much at ease, and asked me to come on in and meet with them all. My initial consultation was quite emotional because I was also very depressed at that time about my failing health and dealing with a personal loss of a death in my immediate family. Shari was very reassuring and told me they could help me. Well they sure did!  Since my first treatment in May 2008, I have not taken any pain meds.  I can easily walk the halls at work, and I am not going to be forced to retire as early as I thought I would.  My right knee is so much better that I am trying to put off another knee replacement to my left knee now. They not only helped me with my knee pain and depression, but I had plantar fasciitis as well, and that has also been resolved.  I would definitely rate my pain as 80‑90% improved!

 It is so relaxing and calming at the clinic that I actually look forward to my little naps there!  If anyone had told me that I would fall asleep with needles in my body I would have told them that they were crazy!  I hardly feel them, and after they are in you do not even know that they are even there. I am ever so grateful to David, Jonah, Margo, and Shari. They have changed my life entirely!  I wish I would have done this prior to my having a total knee replacement. What a god‑send you all are to me! I also love the music and the flowers!! Thanks again to you all!!!

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