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Frequent Diarrhea and Fatigue

My name is Joann J.  I suffered from Irritable bowel syndrome off and on for many years, but a year ago the symptoms became acute.  Everything I ate passed straight through my system so that I was no longer getting nutrition from the food that I ate.

I tried taking Imodium and diphenoxlated atropine to control the diarrhea, but found it nearly impossible to leave my home as I needed to be near a restroom at all times.  My health was failing because of a lack of nutrition and I felt exhausted and weak.

Western medicine offered temporary help but no solution to my problem.  I knew I needed a preventative approach so I decided to try acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to get help. When I came to Abundance Acupuncture I was encouraged to learn that their approach was to treat the whole body so it works in harmony with all body parts.  I was hopeful!

Long held body habits take patience and time to reverse, but I began to notice significant improvements after eight treatments.  In addition to acupuncture treatments I was prescribed herbs to assist my recovery. I was also instructed in proper nutrition and I changed the kinds of food I ate for healthier choices.

I am now very much improved.  My diarrhea is 100% better controlled.  I feel more energetic and hopeful and I have a whole new start in life.  I am so grateful for the treatments and for the care and concern the staff showed throughout my treatments.

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