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Back & Shoulder Pain and Constipation

My name is Denise.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in September 2008, because I was suffering from chronic low back pain and right shoulder pain.  I had the shoulder pain for eight months and the back pain for four years. My back pain was constant and went up to a level 10 pain on a scale of 0-10.  My shoulder pain was also constant, the pain went up to level 10, and I had a limited range of motion with that arm.  These problems made it difficult for me to sleep, made me feel fatigued, and hopeless.

It was difficult for me to play with my three year old son, work as a Registered Nurse, and the pain interfered with my general activities of daily living.

I tried medications such as Vicodin and Ibuprofen but they made me feel like a zombie. I also tried physical therapy and chiropractic, but I always felt worse after treatments and at times I missed months of work. 

During my first treatment at Abundance Acupuncture I was asked to raise my arm with the restricted shoulder and I could!   At this point in time my condition feels 99% better.  My shoulder has a normal range of motion without pain and my back feels like there never was a problem.  I have more energy, have lost 20 pounds, and I am able to do anything, but most importantly, I can play with my son.

 I have also had significant improvement in other symptoms like chronic constipation that had been bothering me since childhood causing constant abdominal pain and bloating.  I am now having regular daily bowel movements for the first time that I can remember. With the treatments I started having lighter periods and I just found out that I am pregnant.  During the treatments I felt relaxed, calm, and woke myself many times with my own snoring.  The clinic is welcoming and the staff is warm and friendly.

I would recommend acupuncture to all because this was my last resort prior to back surgery for three herniated disks and one bulged disk and now I feel better than I have in years.  

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