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Relief from Neck and Shoulder Whip Lash Pain

I was 64 years old when I was involved in a rear end collision in 2009 that totaled out my car. I suffered a severe whip lash injury which left me with pain in my neck, shoulders, back and arms. I worked with a chiropractor for seven months and a series of five different physical therapists. I also had surgery for my shoulder pain. The last physical therapist gave me some relief but my body was still in a lot of pain.

My wife had read about acupuncture and started getting treatments for her leg problems. I had a lot of apprehension about Chinese medicine and I waited to see how the treatments worked for her.  Then I decided to give it a try.

I started acupuncture in March 2012. With the first few treatments I didnít notice much difference, but then I noticed that my aches and pains were beginning to go away. When I began treatments I had rated my pain at a level 10 out of 10 and I would now rate it at a level 2. I also suffered from dizziness and this too began to subside.

I feel much, much better than before I started and Iím so glad that I decided to get acupuncture treatments. I would recommend them to anyone.


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