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Relief from Shingles Pain on Forehead

I came to Abundance Acupuncture in August, 2018, because I was suffering from a tingling feeling sensation near and above my right eye area from having shingles near and above my right eye area in December 2016. The nerve above my right eye was damaged from the shingles, which therefore caused this problem.

I have had this problem for one in a half years. This problem was a constant annoyance all day long. The sun and heat were factors in making the problem worse.

I was prescribed a couple different medications to help with nerve pain issues, which did not help my problem. I was advised to wait for a year in a half to see if the damaged nerve area above my right eye would heal up on its own and the tingling feeling sensation would be gone, but after 18 months nothing changed.

I asked my doctor for a referral to a neurologist for help. The neurologist did not have suggestions or treatments to help with my problem.

I went back to my doctor and advised him the neurologist had nothing to help with the problem. I also advised my doctor the nerve pain medications did not help the problem. My doctor advised I could try acupuncture to see if that would help my problem. My doctor referred me to Abundance Acupuncture.

Iím so grateful that my doctor referred me to Abundance Acupuncture. I wish my doctor would have suggested acupuncture right away. I would have never thought weekly acupuncture and blood letting treatments would help my problem, but it has improved my tingling feeling sensation to almost gone.

I have also had significant improvement in another symptom of eye twitching.

The staff of Abundance Acupuncture are awesome! All the staff takes time to help and listen to you. The staff wants your condition to improve and will work with you in any way to get that accomplished. I was able to make appointments around my work schedule with no problem.

On a scale of one to ten, I would give Abundance Acupuncture a ten for the service and treatments I have received. I would recommend Abundance Acupuncture for anyone trying to get help for a problem.

Respectfully submitted,

Don R.

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