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About twenty five years ago I went to the family doctor with severe pain in my knees. He gave me a shot of cortisone, which helped for about a year. I went back for the miracle shot for three more years. The next time I went in he said he wouldn't give me another shot as it did deteriorate the bones. I was sent to physical therapy for the next several years and given an arthritis medication, indomethacin. Nothing seemed to help I went from a cane, to a walker. He said I had to live with the pain.

I had already cut my work day in half. By the time I would get home after four hours I was in tears. I just couldn't stand the pain any longer. It didn't matter if I was standing, sitting, lying down, or walking. I was in constant pain.  I finally told my family doctor I wanted to see a specialist and he made an appointment with one in Madison. When I went to see him he told me to go to therapy again and try some other medication for one more year. They had taken x-rays but he had never looked at them. When I went back the next year, ready for war as the pain was getting worse, he said when he looked at the x-rays he could see I was walking bone on bone. So surgery was set up and in 1997 I had both knees replaced, one in May and one that October.

As I was still in pain in my thumbs, neck, and feet I was kept on the indomethacin. After surgery my feet became numb, which at the time I thought was a blessing, but it was just covering the pain.   In 2005 1 was sent to the hospital for low blood pressure, anemia, and low blood count. They first took me off the indomethacin and aspirin I was taking for the pain, as it was causing me to bleed inside. After they tried two different pain medications, which I could not take, my new family doctor said I should try acupuncture before he tried any more pain medication. He then gave me David Milbradt's phone number. I was very leery as I had never known anyone that had gone to an acupuncturist, but I was willing to try anything. I also had this thing about needles that made me nervous.

When I had my first treatments and the pain was leaving I was very surprised and happy. It has been about 4 months and I have very little pain left. I still have two stubborn thumbs that are almost pain free and the numbness in my feet are gone, but then the pain kicked in, so David has been taking care of them. I also was getting depressed but a few needles in the right place and I felt better. He has also helped me sleep. I do take some herbs that David suggested and am feeling better.  I am no longer on pain medication of any kind and have cut my stomach medicine in half. I am hoping to stop them all together.

David, Shari, and Margo are always there for you. They take the time to talk to you, so you feel at ease. The first time you walk in you feel welcome, as they are always so cheerful and friendly. If you have a question they are always willing to help.  Oh yah! The needles don't hurt!!

Sharon M.

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