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Severe Elbow Tendonitis

I came to Abundance Acupuncture after watching the incredible results my wife was getting treating back & shoulder pain as well as migraines. For years I had watched her see chiropractors for the same problems week in and week out. After a few treatments of acupuncture she hasn't been back to a chiropractor since and I can't remember the last time she had a migraine. It's been a great thing for her.

I had been suffering with pretty severe tendonitis in my right elbow for over a year and a half when I first spoke with David about acupuncture as a possible treatment. My 'regular' doctor had given me a cortisone shot and said I could have one more shot and if that didn't work we'd be looking at surgery to get rid of the problem, which didn't interest me at all. I play bass guitar and use a computer daily, the pain was so bad I couldn't lift weights at all, and if I played guitar for any length of time my arm would hurt so much it was hard to even pick up a glass of water.

David said he could get rid of it, so I signed up for four treatments. The pain was GONE after treatment number one. I did come back for the other three treatments and have seen him for other problems since, but my tendonitis was gone since treatment number one and hasn't returned at all and it's been over a year now. I'm lifting weights and playing all the guitar I want to without any problems! Amazing! It saved me from having a surgery!

I highly recommend acupuncture to anyone and everyone that will listen to me these days, it's been a great help to both my wife and I. The treatments are wonderful and relaxing and I truly believe that they will improve your overall health as well as taking care of the main problem that brought you to the clinic in the first place, whatever that is. Please don't let the fear of trying something new stop you from using acupuncture; it's a healthy, natural way to better health and pain free living.


David G.

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