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My whole reason for coming to Abundance Acupuncture was to see if there was any hope of treating my insomnia. I have suffered with that all my life. I am going on 52 and I remember as a child getting in trouble because I wasn't sleeping and laying in bed what seemed like forever watching stars out my window. As the years passed that only got worse and I got so I hated going to bed. I would rather stay up until the early morning hours (usually 4am) then go to bed and face the anxiety. I could not get to sleep and for whatever reason it seems that I 'woke up' when it was bedtime. Once I went to bed, I would lay there not being able to shut down my day. I would plan my work for the following day as I laid there. I could not get comfortable. I would toss and turn but it was painful. Once I did get to sleep, I would be up every two hours to urinate!

I would try to go to bed by midnight. If I didn't, I know I would stay up forever avoiding the fitful night ahead. Typically, what would happen is that I would fall asleep about 45 minutes later. I would then wake up within two hours. I would stay up from about 2 am to 4 am and do work on the computer. Go back to bed (still getting up to urinate or sitting up to roll over etc) I would need to get up by 7 am. When I was sleeping, it was still fragmented. Even if I did not get up, I woke up several times.

Sleeping pills were prescribed which didn't really help. It made me felt so lethargic all day after taking it. I decided I would just live with it. Living with it really isn't an option. My adrenal glands were giving out. I found I couldn't do the simplest things, like clean my own house. Just to ride in the car to Milwaukee or Madison from Beaver Dam would tire me out so much that the next day I would not be able to do much but sleep and rest. I had to pace everything I did and carefully plan around my energy level, or lack of.

I decided to try acupuncture.  Because this was so chronic, I have been taking a series of treatments for this. After the first treatment, I saw a difference. The frequent urination was due to a Thiamin deficiency. NO ONE was ever able to figure the fix for that one before. After a few days on this vitamin, I stopped getting up at night Wow! That alone gave me hours of sleep. The pain I was having trying to turn over in bed etc. was addressed which allowed me to also continue my sleep. What I have noticed every night now is that around 9 to 10 pm I am ready for bed. My body is shutting down ready for sleep. My mind is turned off and I S-L-E-E-P-T. I called Abundance Acupuncture straightaway full of excitement that for the first time that I can remember in my life I slept.

My body/mind had some retraining to do. I would wake up, for no reason and I would realize I didn't need to get up so I would just go back to sleep. I would wake up to turn over and realize I didn't need to go through all the effort it used to take to roll over, the pain was gone. As treatment went on I have had nights that 'concerned me' in the morning. I could not remember the night before. I mean nothing! I went to bed, woke up and I remember nothing!! I think this is serious. I asked everyone I could think of what could have happened. I asked my husband, David etc. The answer was.... you slept. Like everyone else... you slept soundly this time. I can't describe that to you how odd that felt unless you went through it but I have never had a night that I didn't remember doing something, reading, working on the computer, being frustrated but to relax and be in a deep sleep, this was indeed serious.

Out of all my testimonies of the wonders of acupuncture, and I could write a million, this one can bring me to tears. Treating me for insomnia has changed my life and no doubt added several years on to how long I shall live. My mood is always light and happy. I have a bounce in my step and I wake Up ready to begin any adventure that comes my way. I never use to be able to plan anything before 11 am. I love my life. I had no idea how much difference the quality of my life would be by fixing my ability to sleep. I have been looking for years for an answer to insomnia and I found it. Abundance Acupuncture!

Donna W.

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Relief From Back and Hip Pain

I think of all the treatments I have had with acupuncture I am the most astonished about the one for pain. I was born with part of my backbone fused to my hip. It always hurt. That is not something a chiropractor can fix. I have bone spurs on my neck along with deterioration. I also have a bone spur on my heel making walking at times very difficult.

First I am amazed at just how much energy pain takes out of a person. I am also surprised how we learn to live with pain thinking we have no other choice other than taxing our system with drugs. We learn to live with pain far more than we realize. I didn't until it was no longer there. I would wake up several times at night because of pain. I just couldn't get comfortable. To roll over in bed was a major effort. I would basically have to sit up and then go through my maneuvers to roll over. Then I was usually awake for awhile after all that. At times I would just give up and get up for a few hours and wait until I would basically pass out with exhaustion. I felt drained most of the day due to tolerating pain and not sleeping. I wasn't able to clean my own house and very embarrassed by that.

It took one treatment. Well two for good measure and that was it. The treatment was simple. Needles were placed, I think, in the side of my foot and legs. The key word of 'think' is because I didn't really feel them. I got 45 minutes of very peaceful rest. I usually just sleep. I look forward to this time where I can honestly rest with no interruptions. After the first treatment the pain was gone and has stayed gone. For awhile I kept waiting for it to come back but it has been three months so far and I still have NO pain! In fact, I found that my body needed to be retrained to learn how to not live with pain. The first night after the treatment I couldn't sleep! My body kept saying that something was missing! It was, but it was a good thing! There was no pain. I would turn over the same way and realize I didn't need to do that anymore. I would gingerly get out of a chair and realize, nothing hurt and again. I didn't need to do that. This behavior was so instilled that I am still finding things that I did to compensate for pain that I never realized I did but no longer need to do.

What I am able to do now is nothing short of a miracle. I can not only clean my own house, with great speed I might add, but I can work lifting, standing on concrete all day, climb ladders or just do whatever my heart desires. I have a ton of energy and no longer hurt anyplace. I just did a big project that I knew would keep me in bed the next day. Not only did I not hurt and have to stay in bed I hit the ground running!

My husband commented that he can tell I feel better. He said I have bounce in my step and I take bigger strides and well, hey, he just can't keep up with me anymore!

Donna W.

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