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Relief from Bell's Palsy

My name is Sharon B.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in January 2010 because I was suffering from Bellís palsy.  I had this problem for 2Ĺ months.  

The Bellís palsy paralyzed the right side of my face and I was unable to smile, chew on my right side, or close my right eye.  I also felt painful burning sensations in my face.  At times I felt like I would never get better.  When David Milbradt said to me during the first consult, ďIím glad you came. I think we can help you.Ē I felt a great sense of relief and renewed hope.

I tried physical therapy which made very slight improvements in my facial movements and chiropractic which loosened up my tight neck. I was also taking ibuprofen for the pain.  I began to feel some improvements in my condition after five treatments at Abundance Acupuncture and after 12 treatments I felt significant improvement.  At this point in time my condition feels 80% better.  My face looks symmetrical again and I am able to smile and chew better.

I have also had improvement in other problems like the tendonitis in my left ankle that prevented me from walking for exercise which is significantly less painful now.

During the treatments I felt peaceful and in good hands.  The clinic is inviting and the staff is welcoming and caring.  David and Shari are very persistent and patient.  I felt very hopeful and started to show improvement after a couple of weeks.

I would recommend acupuncture to everyone because even though I came for one problem initially, Abundance Acupuncture treats the whole person.  I feel generally healthier and my face has improved dramatically.  I am looking forward to improving my overall health and continuing acupuncture treatments to maintain it.

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