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Pain in the Thumb

I was able to go on with normal daily routines with moderate pain in my right thumb but 80 to 90% of the time it was like having a throbbing appendage that was useless.  When I thought it was feeling good I'd go to use it (like holding a cup of coffee) and I'd have to put it down real quickly or just drop it.

I had been in this condition since March of 2002 with pain just about every day of the three years with little or no relief.  I went to the doctor and had x‑rays and found no cracks or breaks. The doctor said, “just soft tissue damage”. He told me to take Ibuprofen for the inflammation and that it would go away. About a year later after taking pills like candy I went back to the doctor and had more x‑rays. The doctor sent me to physical therapy. I tried warm water soaking then electric shock for about eight weeks with little to no relief

Three years later I began to see David Milbradt. I was amazed with the information he had concluded from the consultation. With just one needle I had noticeable relief. After four or five treatments I was amazed at how my thumb was feeling, I stated to David that it's a miracle the pain was almost gone. The treatment I thought was funny because the pain was in my right thumbs and the treatment was one needle in my left big toe. I thought the treatment would hurt but there was just the tapping of his finger and then the connection of the needle and the Qi of my body.

Now I'm free to use my thumb anytime I want to and have total confidence in it.  I have also had treatments for tennis elbow with great results. I will use acupuncture for any other ailments that may occur in the future instead of going to my HMO. I can't see taking chemicals to fix something that something natural can do better, without any side effects. I have total confidence in acupuncture and will continue to use it as long as I can.

David F.

July 2005

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