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Gall Bladder Problems

My name is Terri H.  I first came to Abundance Acupuncture in 1991 because I was suffering from digestive problems which caused me to have urgent diarrhea after eating fried foods or salads at any restaurant.  I also had occasional periods of hypersalivation, stabbing pain in my right shoulder blade, and rounds of severe heartburn with continuous bloating and belching.

These symptoms interrupted my sleep and made it very uncomfortable for me to work.  It was painful, frustrating, and the diarrhea was so exhausting that I would have to lie down whether I wanted to or not. I tried to ignore this, but it didnít go away, and was actually getting worse every fall.  I didnít know it at the time but David told me that all of these symptoms were directly related to problems with my Gall Bladder.

I felt better after the first treatment. After a few moths of treatments and taking herbal supplements everything was fine as long as I watched what I ate.  At this point I feel 100% better.  I am now able to eat whatever I like with out suffering for it.

Even more important than that is the fact that I still have my Gall Bladder.  My mother had Gall Bladder surgery because of similar problems and she continued to have the heartburn and other digestive problems even after the surgery.  Iím certain that, if I hadnít found Abundance Acupuncture in time, I would have ended up having my Gall Bladder removed by now.  Iím really glad I didnít wait until things got so bad that surgery was my only answer.

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