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My name is Joan S.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in June 2007 because I was suffering from low energy and hair loss.  My naturopathic doctor was frustrated because the hair loss was not getting better and I continued to have low energy.   The hair loss had been going on for years and my energy had been low for six months.  

Along with the low energy I had constant head and neck aches. I was not sleeping well and I needed to take naps in the afternoon to get through the day.   My legs felt really heavy, like lead weights, all day long.  I had difficulty balancing check books, following directions, and completing tasks at work.  It also interfered with practicing karate.  I tried chiropractic for my neck pain but the pain and headaches would come back within 48 hours. 

When I first started treatments I actually felt worse but, now my condition feels 70% better. I feel rested and know that the acupuncture is working. I am able to get work tasks completed and practice Karate again.  I have also had significant improvement in the reduction of my hair loss.    The clinic is clean and professional (I love the flowers!) and the staff is great.   I would recommend acupuncture to anyone because it works.

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