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Chronic Back Pain and Allergies

My name is Marge H. I came to Abundance Acupuncture in February 2010 because I was suffering from chronic back pain and allergies.

I had seasonal and household allergies for 40 years. It created problems with the activities of daily living and I would get sick from the complications of this condition. For example, when people around me wore perfume, it created an allergic reaction that always resulted in me getting sick with both nasal problems and respiratory problems (hoarseness).

I went through multiple series of immunotherapy and I still required prescription allergy medication. My allergies progressed to the point where I had to be put on steroids because of the body itching.  I ended up staying away from people and places and not doing the things I liked to do because I would have a reaction to them.

My low back pain started after having children 37 years ago. It put such a strain on my back when I lifted anything more than a few pounds that my low back would go into spasms, I couldn't move, and I would have to crawl to get out of bed. The physician put me on a narcotic and a muscle relaxant with bed rest until it resolved. This caused tremendous fatigue and it would take a week to be able to go back to my activities of daily living. Then I was prescribed 500 mg of naproxen twice a day for maintenance. I was always very active with exercising during this period but it still haunted me. I tried physical therapy which did support my recovery during the exacerbations. However, in order to be pain free, I needed to continue to take the anti‑inflammatory Naproxen. In January 2010, 1 had a major exacerbation while on a trip. When I returned in February, I decided to try acupuncture.

 At this point, both my allergies and back problems are 95‑97% improved. I no longer take any medication for allergies or back pain. After going through a course of acupuncture treatments for my allergies, I do not have the intense reaction that I had in the past to the allergens.  I no longer need any over the counter or prescription medicines for my allergies. I occasionally have some watery eyes but my eye drops take care of that. Normally when it is hay harvesting time I would have to stay inside and take my medicine. I do not react to the hay these days and it feels great.

As far as my back is concerned, I no longer take any pain killers for back pain.  I have reassessed the activities that aggravate my back and have modified my exercise routine.  I cannot say that I do not ever have back pain; however I now can identify what causes it, know how to remedy it without medication. This means that my diet has changed as well.

The staff at Abundance Acupuncture is very supportive and like family. I will continue to recommend them to my family and friends. It truly has been a blessing to have started this journey and I look forward to my continued relationship with this office.

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