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Allergies, Migraines, & Overheating

My name is Logan G., age 7.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in June 2007 because I was suffering from migraines, nosebleeds, allergies, skin peeling on my feet, and my body was over heating.    I had this problem for four years.  The migraines would make my head pound really hard, the lights were too bright, sounds were too loud, sometimes I would throw up and sleep for hours.  My nosebleeds correlated with my migraines.  When spring and fall allergies came, my migraines would increase.  Because of these health problems I had irritability, difficulty with sleeping and concentrating some days at school.  No matter where we went my parents had to bring childrenís Motrin along in case I would get a migraine.

 I have gone through surgery to remove my adenoids and tonsils and had two MRIís to find a cause for my migraines.  Results of both MRIís showed no reason for the migraines.  I do go to a homeopathic allergist and that has helped my allergies and reduced the occurrence of migraines.  I still take Motrin when necessary to manage the pain of the migraines.

 Since coming to Abundance Acupuncture I started feeling significant improvements in all of my health issues after about eight treatments.  At this point in time my condition feels 90% better.  I now feel less stuffed up from my allergies, my feet have very little skin peeling,  I do not over heat as bad, and I have not had a migraine or a nosebleed since starting treatments.  I can now play soccer and be very active without worrying about getting a migraine. 

During the treatments I felt drowsy and relaxed.  When the treatment is over I feel a little dizzy when I sit up, but then that passes and I feel energized.   The clinic is very welcoming and the staff is very friendly.  Jonah has made me feel very comfortable during all my treatments.

I would recommend acupuncture to anyone of any age because it will improve your quality of life.

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