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Information For Patients Who Travel To Beaver Dam 

Our reputation for treating complex and difficult cases has lead to an increasing number of patients from out of state and from outlying areas of Wisconsin.  If you have worked with doctors, specialists, chiropractors, and other practitioners without success please… don’t give up hope. 

 We have years of experience treating difficult, persistent diseases, even patients who were told by their doctors, "There is nothing we can do, you will just have to live with it."   We have helped strange problems like dizziness from a tumor in the ear, burning pain in the head or feet, lingering post surgical pains, fibromyalgia, anxiety, and depression, and kidney failure causing painful swelling in the legs and feet.  We have helped patients who suffered from symptoms that were so unusual that their doctor was unable to give them a reasonable diagnosis. We have also helped hundreds of patients with back pain, headaches, and other chronic pain problems for which they could find no relief.

 At Abundance Acupuncture we do not just “throw drugs or supplements” at a problem.  We find out the root cause of a problem and we fix the root.  We start with a thorough initial assessment which includes a medical history and an oriental exam. We make a thorough evaluation of the whole body and work up an oriental diagnosis that explains why the body is no longer functioning properly.  When treatments are based on this understanding we find that the whole patient gets better. Instead of having adverse side affects most patients experience a wide range of health improvements including better energy and more vitality.

Special Scheduling for out of town visitors
Let our receptionist know if you are a new patient visiting from out of town so she can schedule your appointments closer together to take advantage of your stay in Beaver Dam. We can schedule up to eight treatments in a 10 day period if this is appropriate for your condition.

About Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
Abundance Acupuncture is located in the center of town near the Beaver Dam post office.
click to view map  Beaver Dam is built around a 6,000 acre lake and has many beautiful parks. It is a small community of approximately 15,000 people and it very easy to find your way around town. It is 35 miles North East of Madison, the capitol of Wisconsin.

For travel by automobile
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The nearest major airport is in Madison, Wisconsin
Amtrak stops at Columbus, WI which is 12 miles Southwest of Beaver Dam

Bed and Breakfasts in the Beaver Dam area

Arnold Jackson House B & B
N7669 Indian Hills Trails
Beaver Dam WI, 53916
(920) 356-9440

Columbus Carriage House
Bed & Breakfast
300 South Dickinson Blvd
Columbus, WI 53925
(608) 566-6000

Honeybee Inn Bed & Breakfast
611 E. Walnut Street
Horicon, Wisconsin 53032
(920) 485-4855

Heaven Scent Bed & Breakfast
425 Grove Street
Randolph, WI 53956
(920) 763-2170

Local Hotels
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