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Sciatica, Back, Knee, & Foot Pain

My name is Cindy T.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in January 2010 because I was suffering from serious pain in my sciatic nerve down the back of my left leg and pain in my low back.  I also had terrible arthritis pain in my knees and feet.  I had the sciatica for two months and the pain was intense when I was teaching or even just walking down the hall.  It was increasingly difficult to function and I felt like I was 35 years older than I actually am.  It interrupted my sleep and made me feel fatigued, depressed, and irritable.  I couldnít exercise or go through my normal daily routines and I was no longer the happy, upbeat person that I usually am.        

I tried medications but, pills are not always the answer.  I had cortisone shots in my knees which made them feel better temporarily but, it only covered up the problem instead of correcting it.  Even though I was apprehensive while driving to the clinic for my first treatment at Abundance Acupuncture, I felt significant improvements in my condition that day.  At this point in time my condition feels 90% better.  I now feel very appreciative for the help I have received and I am able to resume my activities at home and at school free of pain.  Itís almost as if I have a new body again. My attitude and happiness has improved, I donít feel so old anymore, and I have also had significant improvement with the arthritis pain in my knee and foot.  

During the treatments I felt completely relaxed knowing I was in very good hands!  I looked forward to coming because it was a gift to myself.  The clinic is clean, friendly, and relaxing and the staff is outstanding and highly professional.  I love them all. They are like friends that are there to help. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone and everyone because it has helped to change my life.

From my first call to Margo I felt so at ease with her.  I am a business education teacher and this office is everything I would expect a business to be, like I teach my students.  They not only provide relief but they also educate.  I wish traditional medical staff could always be like this.  I am eternally grateful and would recommend them anytime! 

With sincerity, love, and gratitude to these people,

Cindy T.

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