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Having arthritis for many years and using the drugs feldene, vioxx and celebrex, and the later causing stomach problems, I was left without any medications.  Now what do I do?  A friend sent some literature on acupuncture and that is when David Milbradt came into my life.

Having such pain on my upper left shoulder blade, he started out with cupping to see where the pain was the greatest and then the acupuncture started.  After a few visits, I went to the hospital to have a catscan and x-rays which showed that my spine is full of arthritis, but not in my discs.  After eleven acupuncture treatments I had relief for six hours which was heaven.  After about two months, I was pain free in my back which was the most severe.  I really have felt like a new person.

I had problems with my feet and after several surgeries I was left with chronic pain on my one foot.  David has focused a lot of attention to my foot and I have come a long way to be comfortable with walking. 

My only regret is that I wish I would have found David sooner in my life.  I believe in acupuncture and when he tells you he can help you, trust him.  He can.  David is a very caring person he listens intensely to your complaints, which are many.

Sylvia S.   

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