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35 Years of Headaches

My name is Lois S.  I went to an acupressure workshop given by Abundance Acupuncture on August 21st, 2007 because I was suffering from headaches several times per week,  I have had this problem for 35 years. The headaches would wake me up at night and also interfere with my work day. They interrupted my sleep and caused me to feel fatigued and irritable.   

I tried medications such as Aleve and Excedrin Migraine and chiropractic.  The medications that I took caused stomach ulcers and bleeding ulcers that resulted in my being hospitalized this year.

I began to feel significant improvements in my condition after a demonstration treatment at the workshop and since then I have been able to manage the headaches myself using the techniques I learned at the acupressure workshop.  At this point in time my condition feels 85% better.  It has been over 15 years since I have had so few headaches! I now feel I have control of the headaches and not the other way around.  I am able to stop the headaches without medication and enjoy any activity.

I am looking forward to beginning my acupuncture treatments for other pain management!

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