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My name is Karen L.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture on October 4, 2006    because I wanted to try something to quit smoking.  I had smoked for 35 year and was smoking about 30-45 cigarettes a day. I had tried to quit back in the 80’s a couple of times and each time I started up again the habit got heavier. I felt like a failure because it was so hard to keep from smoking even though I used all of my willpower.

I had to do something.  The first cigarette in the morning zapped all of my energy, made me feel drained and tired like I wanted to go back to bed.  I lit up almost every 10 -20 minutes and could hardly wait for break time at work so I could satisfy the strong nicotine withdrawal urges and lessen my irritability.  My yellow teeth and nails were embarrassing and the smell of my hair, clothes, car, and house embarrassed me as well.  I also hated subjecting others to second hand smoke.

I had tried switching to other brands, cutting back, relaxation tapes, group and individual hypnosis, and quitting cold turkey with out success. On October 4th I had two treatments (A.M. & P.M.) with Joel and managed to go 5 hours without a smoke.  I was able get by minute to minute and hour to hour by hanging on to the thought of my next acupuncture treatment.  During the treatment I felt “plugged in” to a world of much less tension.  I was able to achieve a lasting sense of relaxation and my goal of becoming a non-smoker was re-enforced by the acupuncturist and the staff at the clinic.  I was able to be smoke free for three weeks but found that I had set myself up to fail again.  Nine months later I came back to acupuncture because I knew it had worked for me before.  This time I tried extras like an 800# to a help line, I put candles where my ash trays had been, and spent some time alone with relaxing music.  Jonah made an herbal formula to assists my lungs and to reduce the cravings of nicotine.  Dr. David helped me to realize that I did not want to disappoint myself with failing again.  I am now a non-smoker for almost one year!! Hurray!!

I have also noticed less phlegm, much reduced coughing especially in the morning. I have less sinus & allergy stuffiness and congestion.  I don’t even need to take medications for these symptoms anymore.

The clinic has a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere with calming herbals teas.  The staff is welcoming and concerned with your health issues and Margo and Sheri inspire you to get started with acupuncture.  If you are a long time smoker suffering with the entrapment of nicotine addiction and are sick & tired of feeling sick & tired why not try acupuncture?  If you are willing to get started on your path to natural healing and continued wellness, acupuncture can help you to help yourself become a non-smoker.  Freedom from nicotine addiction awaits you with the help of this clinic and its staff.

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