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I want to thank you for helping me after my latest round of severe neck pain. I cannot believe how much your acupuncture treatments have helped. As I told you, my "pain in the neck” started when I was in 4th grade. As a 10 year old I sustained a neck injury in a gymnastics class. For years I saw a chiropractor, which helped with my range of motion and the worst sharp pain. But ever since I have suffered chronic headaches, upper back and neck pain and discomfort. As an adult, occasionally I wake up in the morning in intense pain, unable to move my head or neck I came to you hoping you might be able to help me with pain management I had no idea I would also experience greater range of motion AND relief from my constant headaches!

I didn’t know quite what to expect during my first treatment. I was surprised how it felt when the needles were inserted and removed. There was a tiny “ping” feeling, some pressure, and then I couldn't feel the needles at all. I've found it easy to drift off and fall asleep during treatments because it's very relaxing, actually.

Before taking acupuncture, I had headaches all the time--‑about 4 per week, sometimes more.  And I always had tension and aching in my neck and upper back. Now, headaches and all that discomfort are rare for me. At first, when I had pain free days, I was so unaccustomed I kept saying "I can't believe how good I feel! I don't have a headache! I’m in not in pain!" Pain had become a part of my life at such a young age that it's very strange to not feel it now. I really appreciate this new pain‑free life! It's a gift.

There have been other unexpected benefits. Because I don't suffer so much physical pain and discomfort, I actually feel like doing things more often with friends, and I enjoy myself more because I'm not fighting a head or neck ache. It's easier for me to focus on having a great time. Also, I'm more comfortable on the job because my range of motion isn't restricted, my upper back and neck pain are almost completely gone, and again, I'm not fighting headaches. It feels like a new life.

Thank you so much. Your work has improved the quality of my life

Kristanne C.

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