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Hot Flashes and Headaches

Hi, my name is Kathy H. I came to Abundance Acupuncture in May 2008 in the hope of finding some relief from hot flashes that were making me feel miserable and robbing me of what little good sleep I was used to having.

At the age of 50 I had experienced a very easy, uneventful menopause. Fifteen months later, I was hit hard with hot flashes. A dozen or more times each day waves of heat rolled over my face and neck; I would turn brilliant red and begin to sweat—I never knew that eyelids could perspire until that time! It seemed that any bit of physical activity would trigger a flash—washing dishes in hot water, drying my hair, cleaning the house all became uncomfortable. I have always loved to cook, but standing at the stove was almost unbearable. My daily walks felt like a chore. I remember walking in winter wind chills that were below zero, hat in hand, with my jacket unzipped because I was so hot! By early spring I was dreading the heat of the coming summer.

I very definitely did not want to resort to hormone replacement therapy and instead tried treating myself with herbal remedies such as Sage and Black Cohosh. I enjoy tofu and other soy foods and made sure that I was eating some every day and I also increased my consumption of flax seeds as all these foods have a reputation for easing hot flashes. Sometimes it seemed that I had achieved some moderation of the flashes, but it never lasted long.

After several months of experimenting, I finally remembered reading that acupuncture was often very successful in treating many gynecological problems and decided to give it a try. Within the first few treatments things began to improve. The number of hot flashes diminished and their intensity cooled.  I began sleeping more soundly and for longer periods of time. I felt so much better! Within a month the hot flashes had been eliminated and I found I had more energy for all kinds of work and play. I think I am probably a more pleasant person to live with as well! An unexpected benefit of acupuncture was that the tension headaches I tended to experience with some frequency also pretty much disappeared, so I no longer reach for the ibuprofen bottle several times a week.

I have been surprised to find myself looking forward to acupuncture treatments in much the same way I look forward to a massage. The treatments are very relaxing; I often nap during a treatment and I leave the office feeling calm, but energized. The staff at Abundance Acupuncture are all very friendly, caring and respectful. I always feel that they listen to what I am saying—something that is often not the case at my “regular” doctor’s office. The clinic itself is always serene and beautifully decorated with fresh flowers and plants. The treatment rooms are comfortable and I am always encouraged to make myself at home, whether that means opening a window for a cool breeze or turning on a heat panel—or both!

I am very grateful to David and Jonah and the rest of the staff at Abundance Acupuncture for helping me get my life back again. I do not hesitate to recommend acupuncture to everyone I know who is dealing with a health problem.

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