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Heel Pain

In late April or early May (05), I experienced a sudden sharp pain in my left heel.  The pain was so severe that I could not walk at all without shoes to cushion my heel and even with shoes; I found it difficult to do any walking at all.  I do some walking at my job and I was basically hobbling from place to place.  I had been walking about a mile a day for exercise, but no way was I able to do that.  I spent nearly three months with this condition, taking aspirin and hoping to would go away.  Then I talked to another patient of Abundance Acupuncture and decided to give it a try.

David and the staff were very friendly and he explained the theory and procedures thoroughly.  I noticed an improvement in the pain level after two or three treatments.  Now after about two months of treatments the pain has subsided to the point where it is hardly noticeable.  I have resumed walking for exercise and feel much better.  I think that acupuncture is a very effective, drug free way to relieve pain.  David and the folks at Abundance Acupuncture are very committed to helping patients to a natural way of healing.

John C.

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