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Babies on My Mind

I came to Abundance Acupuncture in July of 2008 with one thing on my mind: babies. My husband and I had only been trying to get pregnant for six months or so, but I was already stressing about my age and how long we might have to wait. We are both healthy and at the time I was only 35, but the thought of my cycle starting up again month after month of trying to make a baby was starting to cause me undue anxiety. Unfortunately, I knew this was, simply put, part of the problem. I had complete faith going into it that acupuncture could help, and I just didn't want to wait a year or more to conceive. We had not tried any 'conventional' fertility assistance, because I had no interest in regulating my body on a regular basis with hormones. Yuck.
To add to our conception difficulties, my husband took a four month work leave in another state, while I remained in Wisconsin! My Master Plan was get the Baby Train all the way into the station so when my husband got back in October, we would be on our way! (I could insert any number of questionable metaphors having to do with locomotives and conception, but left them out...)
My first impression of the clinic was the friendliness of the staff - the last thing it felt like was 'clinical.' Fresh flowers brought the front area to life and my initial consultation with David Milbradt was pleasant and enlightening.
We began acupuncture and then a course of Chinese herbs to, I think David put it "tonify my yin" - we were off. I noticed changes in my PMS and menstrual course from the very first: less cramping and less hyperirritability: bonus! Per David's recommendation I was taking my Basal Metabolic Temperature every morning and watching the changes in actual temperature readings on a weekly basis was entirely fascinating and inspiring. It was like seeing visual proof of the treatments at work!
When my husband got back in October (after about four months of my treatments), I ovulated a week later and bam! I felt pregnant from the get-go. Not wanting to be too cavalier about my intuition, I kept taking my temperature every morning and it only went up when my cycle was supposed to start. I had waited a solid two weeks before buying a home pregnancy test and was delighted with the results. Needles to say, we were in a family way!
Now I am eight months pregnant and my little critter is big and healthy and we look forward to meeting him in a month or so. My husband and I are entirely pleased with our Abundance Acupuncture experience.
rock and roll wooooooooooooooo!   

April G/M           June 2009

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