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Hip Pain & Difficulty Sleeping

 I've had 23 treatments already ... after my first treatment my headaches were gone. I had a lot of sinus problem and now I'm only slightly bothered when the humidity is real high.

I came mainly because of hip pain. I had gone off and on to a chiropractor, but this last time he couldn't get the pain out.  At work I'm up on a ladder from November until Christmas putting gift pack on the risers and, being right handed, I'm always turning to the right.

Before acupuncture I couldn't lay on my left side at night and after a couple treatments I could easily lay on my left side again. For a while it transferred to the right hip and has gone back and forth but, it is much, much better now and I can lay on either side now. I was able to only get three or four hours of sleep and now on days I don't have to work I can sleep any where's from eight to thirteen hours. Just after a few treatments, thatís how long I can sleep now. The minute I hit the pillow I'm gone, where as before I was always trying to get comfortable. It has done wonders.

Lynn E.

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