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Irritability and Hormone Balance


Hi! My name is Rose M. I came to Abundance Acupuncture in July, 2007 for severe hot flashes and body flushing/night sweats. I was extremely tired. My first thought upon rising was: “when can I go back to bed again”. My arms felt heavy and my head felt full and foggy. Because of the night sweats I was not getting a good nights sleep. Therefore I had no energy to exercise. I gained 20 plus pounds very rapidly as a result of menopause, lack of sleep, and energy. I am usually very happy, bubbly and optimistic but now I was so irritable that I snapped at my family for the littlest things. I could no longer deal with the symptoms of menopause and my doctors no longer wanted to use hormone replacement therapy (HRT) because of the side effects and lawsuits. I could not image suffering with these symptoms for the next 10 years.


I was not successful in finding herbs or products that would reduce the hot flashes and body flushing. No diet pills were helping not even the ones for added energy. At the same time my 18 years old daughter was heading off to college and had experienced several menstrual cramping since the age of 12. Our doctor would not put her on the pill or hormones unless she had a pelvic exam. I felt she should make the decision when she felt comfortable with having a pelvic exam. 12 Years old is way too young for this unnecessary procedure. I wanted to find something to help her before she went off to college. As I prayed one day about her and my health issues, I heard the word acupuncture. I remembered reading about David Milbradt and Abundance Acupuncture. Minutes later I was looking up his number. I asked Margo if she thought acupuncture could help my daughter and myself.  She assured me it would and I got in within days. Shari was very helpful explaining acupuncture and recording our symptoms.


I felt relief within the first 4 treatments. After 5 weeks the hot flashes and body flushing had been reduced by 95%. My daughter also felt a 50% reduction in cramping the next time she had her period. I used to get 1 to 3 hot flashes every hour. My faced turned bright red. I had to constantly be taking layers of clothes on and off. It was very embarrassing when at work, church or when talking to someone. I now have 1 or 2 mild hot flashes a day. My face does not turn bright red anymore. I am no longer putting on or taking off extra clothing. The body flushing/night sweats are milder and occur only a few times a day. I noticed after the 2 week that my head felt less full and groggy. I was sleeping better and my energy returned. I had less cravings. I feel like I am back to my happy, bubbly and optimistic self.  I can once again enjoy my life, family and those golden years! I am optimistic that I will now be able to focus on losing the weight.


I have a family history of hypothyroid, obesity, and diabetes. My father and sister have to take thyroid medicine for the rest of their lives. My grandmother was severely obese and diabetic and had to take 10 pills at every meal, some to counteract the side effects of others. Medication can have side effects worse than the original problem. Drugs treat the symptoms and not the cause of the issue. Drugs are very expensive and can be addictive and very unhealthy for the body. Acupuncture is cheaper in the long run and treats the root cause of the problem. I do not want to have to take drugs for thyroid or diabetes for the rest of my life. Think of how much those drugs add up over 20 or 30 years and what they are doing to your body.


David Milbradt is a very knowledge nutritionist, herbalist, and acupuncturist. I wasted a lot of money on herbs because I didn't know enough about how to combine or use them properly. I look forward to losing the weight and being healthy again. I look forward to my treatments as they are very relaxing. Jonah usually administers my acupuncture needles and is very caring and knowledgeable too. I had tried acupuncture for a sore shoulder 10 years ago at a different clinic. They were too aggressive that I was uncomfortable and quit after 4 treatments. I feel the clinic staff is very well trained and knowledgeable about acupuncture, nutrition, herbs and the body. I am very grateful that they are affordable and available to the Beaver Dam and surrounding areas.


If you know of somebody suffering from menopausal symptoms or menstrual symptoms, please get them to call for an appointment. Acupuncture is also great for a lot of other conditions too. There is no need to suffer!!


I am very grateful and so is my family. My husband says it’s worth every dollar to have me back to my happy self!

Thanks a bunch!         Rose M.


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