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Relief from Peeling Skin on Hands

My name is Gail M.  I came to Abundance Acupuncture in August 2012 because I had been suffering from leathery, reptilian skin on my hands and feet for five years. My palms and the soles of my feet would crack, flake off, burn, itch, and turn a bright scarlet red.  The pain was also constant and it hurt to use my hands for anything.  Gripping a golf club or pushing a vacuum was very uncomfortable and I could get paper cuts from picking up sheets of paper.  My hands were so rough that it felt too embarrassing to hold hands with my husband.

I tried medications used for cancer patients, prescription ointments, injections twice a month for 18 months, and light box treatments three times a week for 10 months, but the flaking area only spread to my fingers and the bottoms of my feet. I began to feel some improvements in my condition after two treatments at Abundance Acupuncture and significant improvement after 4 months.  At this point in time my condition feels 95% better. Now I am able to resume normal activities without pain or embarrassment.

During the treatments I felt that David Milbradt and Shari Friedrichs had the knowledge and skills needed to change the worsening condition and restore normalcy. The clinic is totally committed and the staff was dedicated to improving my health and ending the condition.

I would recommend acupuncture to people with skin conditions because my extreme condition was dramatically improved when conventional Western treatments made no improvements.

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My husband, Dan, can attest to the effectiveness of David Milbradt's approach. Dan had been bothered by a stubborn skin condition for a long time and had been frustrated by the unresponsive, cookie cutter approach of conventional practitioners, not to mention the worry of negative side effects! He set up an appointment with David and during the initial consultation learned more about his condition than he had ever learned from visits to doctors.

David pre­pared a special tincture based on Dan's physiology and symptoms and made recommendations regarding diet and lifestyle. Dan's condition has improved immensely and he continues to heal. David has made himself available for follow‑up and further advice. My husband is a very reluc­tant patient and the fact that he has followed David's advice and taken his medicine consistently speaks volumes for both the effectiveness of the herbal remedy and for David's interpersonal skills!

Sandra S.

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