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Pain and Fatigue from Cancer


I am "sixty‑ish something” ‑ a wife, mother, RN, writer, musician, performer, etc. with lots of hobbies, friends, and interests. I'm a busy, full‑filled woman. That's why it came as a tremendous shock to me when I was diagnosed 41/2 years ago with advanced stages of ovarian cancer, with a great chance that I was "not going to make it." My whole wonderful, busy, crazy life had just made a complete summersault.


I began chemo immediately at UW Clinics and three months later, when the tumor was safe to remove, I had surgery. Inside, they found cancer "everywhere." They removed all the organs they could, and used laser to zap other cancer cells. They felt they had removed 90% of it ... whereas, I was hoping for a 100% outcome.  After more bouts of chemo, I was cancer‑free for 1½ years.


When it returned, I tried a new chemo and then I was cancer‑free for 6 months. I then went on a different chemo and was cancer‑free only 3 months before it returned, I am now facing my 4th battle in four years. My body is beginning to show the wears and tears of all the years of struggles, and all the "poisons” I've had injected.


Since Day One, my attitude has always been 100% positive and I face each day with a smile on my face, and a prayer on my lips...this is just "ME." Also, I feel that my Lord wants me to help other cancer victims. Therefore, I try to meet with them, and talk about our cancer together. I have not felt sorry for myself ....as I have learned so much from having cancer, and have become a better person. Believe me, having cancer is not all bad! I also felt much solace from the Beaver Dam Cancer Support Group led by the inspirational Dr. Darrell Link.


Since I was becoming more physically down‑trodden, and I felt that I needed more help in boosting my immune system, I decided to have a conference with David Milbradt. I did not seek him out to "cure" my cancer ... I was more realistic than that. But, I did want him to make me feel physically stronger so I could "fight harder." I always felt that I needed to stay just two steps ahead of my cancer.


I can honestly say that David has helped me a great deal. Sometimes, I would enter his office with barely enough energy to walk in and get myself on the table. I would leave with a feeling of well‑being, plus I had more energy. As the pain increased, David worked on those specific areas of pain, and the pain would subside before I would leave the office. Sometimes I would be very edematous (puffy) in some area and David would eliminate the fluid build‑up. Everyday would present different challenges, and he would work on that area ....just depending on where my cancer was taking me THAT day.


I feel that David Milbradt is a gifted and caring practioner. He never stops learning and wants to help everyone. His staff is also very compassionate and helpful and I appreciate them. It is a happy office to walk into, as you immediately feet the caring attitude, and find your­self surrounded by beautiful flowers ‑ all which presents a restful, therapeutic environment.


With Gratitude,

Betty B.



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