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Fatigue and High Blood Pressure


My name is Mary and I came to Abundance Acupuncture in late July, 2007.   I was experiencing extreme exhaustion and general fatigue that was so severe I literally could not function on a daily basis.


Within 3-4 months of my first visit and initial treatments, my energy returned and I feel vital again.  I have also experienced a life-changing emotional and physical “balance” as a result of the treatments administered by both David and Jonah. 


Last of all and very importantly, I had been taking blood pressure medication for at least ten years on a daily basis as prescribed by my physician.  After only thirty days of acupuncture treatments, my blood pressure returned to normal and I no longer require ANY blood pressure medication.  This fact is documented in my medical file at my physician’s office.  This is a bonus I could have never imagined or expected!


Thank you to David Milbradt and the entire staff at ABUNDANCE ACUPUNCTURE


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