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30 Years of Fibromyalgia

I am 66 years old and began having symptoms of fibromyalgia over thirty years ago. I had muscle pain, mostly in my shoulder, upper and lower back, and neck especially in the last few years.  I had difficulty keeping my arms up for more than a few minutes at a time, to hold a book, play piano, or use a computer, without experiencing pain.

In addition, I experienced problems which often seem to accompany fibromyalgia such as, difficulty sleeping, mental fogginess, frequent headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, flu‑like symptoms, muscle spasms, and a lack of energy. These symptoms were usually not severe, but taken together they interfered with my daily life. When I did feel more energetic, it was easy to overdo and the next day I would pay for it with increased symptoms. I had always been a reader but concentration became more difficult.

I have taken amitriptyline to help with sleep, and I took various NSAIDS for pain relief but nothing helped much. I had gastric bleeding after taking naproxen (Aleve). I tried to exercise regularly but it was difficult at times.

I assumed that at my age I would have to accept the aches and pains I was dealing with, but my husband encouraged me to try acupuncture. Although I was skeptical, we met with David Milbradt and he set up treatment regimen for me. Now I am an acupuncture "convert". I have more energy and am more mentally focused. I have read more books in the last few months than I had read in the past two years! I have been playing piano again, have been walking regularly, and my muscle pain and gastric symptoms have improved dramatically.  In addition, I have experienced a decrease in seasonal allergy symptoms and in discomfort from arthritis.

The atmosphere at the clinic is very peaceful and relaxing and the staff makes sure that I am comfortable. Thanks for my new "lease on life"!     September 27, 2005      Janice W. RN, BSN

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